Mixergy Loves You – I Love It Back

By gswardman September 12, 2013


As a Foundation Alum, I wanted to point out the absolute phenomenal resource that has been put together by Andrew Warner and his team at Mixergy.

I was actually recently turned on to Mixergy myself after doing an interview with Andrew this past summer. I must admit, embarrassingly, that I did not become a premium member until around the same time as I was needing access to see some of the other Master Classes to see the format they were following. However, once inside of this kingdom of pre-vetted information, I now can say that I will be a premium Mixergy member, FOR LIFE.

The information inside the members section is so useful, and so well put together that it has really become my one stop source of information to find anything that I need to know. And how can I justify this? Because knowing the painstaking process that Andrew, Jeremy Weisz and all the other staff members go through to prepare a course. Anything that is put up inside the members section has had countless hours of research, editing and validation to be posted, that I no longer need to do that work myself.

As an example, today I came across a Facebook post from Foundation rock star Sam Ovens (Mixergy Interview HERE)


The interviews and classes posted on Mixergy really read like the course outline for the Foundation. In no way should this be thought of as a replacement for the many other things that the Foundation can provide, but Mixergy premium membership is an excellent supplement, maybe it is THE supplement to accompany the Foundation, which is why I fully endorse.

Let’s run down a few examples.

Mindset This is an interview with Peter Shallard. He’s a shrink for entrepreneurs and it should give you the basics for what you need to know about mindset. The long and short on mindset is, it’s all in your head. EVERYONE goes through the same self doubts, and self confidence issues when they move from something steady and secure to something based on extreme uncertainty. It’s those that power through those times that are rewarded. Listen to this interview before, during and after your Foundation experience.

How to Cold Call – Check out the snippet from Foundation Guru Sam Ovens (above). Sam is an absolute SaaS sales and marketing genius, and when I say this, the proof is in the numbers. 12 months into his project, and he’s closing in on 1M in annual revenues. Not bad, seems like we better listen to what he’s saying.

Dane’s Pool Guy Interview – If you don’t know who Dane is, then you’re probably not in the right place. Dane is the undisputed master on Idea Extraction and founder of the Foundation (despite his not wanting to be named as such). This is Dane at his best. Listen to this one call, and you’ll be ready to get started yourself.

Esther’s Shootzilla Idea Extraction to Pre-sales – Esther is a star, and a real street hustler. She’s the owner/starter of 3 or 4 businesses and graduated top of class in Foundation 2012. She talks about her experience in this interview. If you want to know how she was able to start and fund her own SaaS, this is the place to start. Lots of tactical goodies in this one.

GuestRetain and Funding developement with Pre-sales – This is my own experience taught as a Master Class. I go through A-Z on how to find, deal with, fund, design and sell SaaS related services.

Lean Development Want to know how to slash and trim out features? Check out this interview on lean development.

Copy Writing by Dane – Whether you think you know how to write or not, you likely don’t know how to write to sell. It’s not about grammar and crossing your t’s, it’s about how to make people react and DO something based on the words you write. Dane knows how to do this, and this is one of the best performing classes on Mixergy.

80 20 Selling – I listened to Perry Marshal’s 80 20 selling, and actually went out and bought a domain name with 8020 in it, it was that good. Listen to this for sales strategies, tips and the way you should be planning your sales and marketing program.

Email Marketing – There can’t a company without email marketing. This is the best and fastest way to start getting customers and this is taught by the King of emailing, CEO and founder of Aweber, Justin Premick (I had to check this guys name like 5 times for some reason).

From this one blog post, you’ve now got over 10 hours of top notch content that you can load on your phone, and listen to while you drive. With it, you will be armed with the information you need to start a new company.

Please leave a comment below is you have some other interviews on Mixergy that you really love. I’d love to hear about them too!

Not bad, eh? Tell me about some other courses that you’ve really enjoyed on Mixergy. I’d love to know about them in the comments section.