My First Idea Extraction Call

By gswardman August 31, 2013

After hearing Dane Maxwell’s Pool Guy Interview (this call is brilliant), I literally was so amped, I had to try this out myself.

Within minutes of hearing this, I sent off an email to a person that I knew from the freight forward business, and set up an idea extraction test call to see what I could come up with. If you listen to this call, you can tell that I knew him and had already had some problems in the past with deliveries. That’s why I like this as a demo call, because had I tried this cold on someone I didn’t know, I would have gotten smoked likely with nothing, perhaps even for weeks. What was important for me on this call was that I knew this guy, so I was calm and comfortable with him, and I found a pain that he would pay $200 a month on the FIRST idea extraction call. This pain is actually still undeveloped, and I somewhat validated it with 2 other people in the industry. I don’t have the time to develop it further.

Here’s the link, I’m not nearly as experienced as Dane but people have requested that I post this call, so here it is. If you are really interested, listen to them both to get a feeling on the flow of an Idea Extraction call.

If you have some questions, let me know in the comments.