React Developer Switzerland: A Small Guide

By gswardman May 30, 2022

In an IT (Information Technology) world dominated by libraries and programming languages, ReactJS is one JS (JavaScript) library with a strong community of supporters.

ReactJS has given back-end and front-end development new meaning. In fact, the open-source development community has been amazed by ReactJS Development services. Within the development teams, you can bring state-of-the-art designs to life.

To be a react full-stack developer, you’ll need a broad understanding of CSS, HTML5, Java, LESS, SASS, Typescript etc. In addition, you will utilize Java frameworks for dynamic elements.

You will be in charge of optimal display on various channels and devices regarding adaptive/responsive design. Where necessary, you will interact with team members such as analysts, designers, developers to achieve suitable results.

What Are the Qualifications to Work as A React Developer in Switzerland?

React Developer in Switzerland

Companies are looking for skilled react.js as well as node.js developers to join their front-end development teams. In such roles, you’ll be in charge of developing and executing UI (user interface) components with React.js concepts such as Flux, Redux, and Webpack.

You will also be in charge of documenting and enhancing front-end code-base and performance. Currently, companies are looking to employ ReactJS developers for their projects, but they should possess a specific set of qualifications, including:

Education and Experience

  1. Three plus years of experience in software engineering or development
  2. A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, or a related field
  3. A Master’s degree in computer science or IT is a bonus

Required Skills and Qualifications

  1. Ability to comprehend business needs and apply them in technical requirements.
  2. A team member with brilliant verbal and written comms skills
  3. Brilliant project management and time management skills.
  4. Sharp problem-solving and debugging skills
  5. Strong proficiency in CSS, Java, and HTML.
  6. Widespread knowledge of algorithms, data structures, JSX, react.js, and vue.js

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in comp. science IT or a related field
  2. User experience with data structure libraries
  3. Brilliant front-end coding skills
  4. Strong proficiency in CSS, Java, and HTML.
  5. Understanding of progressive web apps.

What Is the Salary of a React Developer in Switzerland?

The average salary for a react native developer in Switzerland is CHF 61.5 per hour or CHF 120,000 per annum. Entry-level positions attract salaries of CHF 84,000 CHF while the most experienced developers make up to CHF 130,000 per year. Let’s look at a further breakdown:

  1. Front-end engineer/developer: CHF 82,725
  2. Full-stack software developer/engineer: CHF 75,000
  3. Software Engineer: CHF 84,962
  4. Senior software engineer: CHF 122,449
  5. Software developer: CHF 81,329
  6. Web developer: CHF 81,000

What Are Some of the Reasons to Work in The React Developer Switzerland?

Reasons to Work in The React Developer Switzerland

ReactJS Developers Are Paid Well

Any company that employs you to be a ReactJS developer in Switzerland will pay you well. Just check the numbers on Git, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. So it’s beneficial to take your time and learn ReactJS because when you become a developer, you’ll get a six-figure salary.

Not only can you make money by being employed as a react developer full time, but you can also make it part-time as a freelancer or by designing your own projects with React and selling these products online to companies.

React JS is Easy to Use

React is a Java library that will allow you as a native developer to effectively and quickly build dynamic and interactive UIs (user interfaces) with marginal coding.

Working with react makes your life as a developer easier, thanks to its modular framework and simplicity. In addition, you can build and maintain web apps way much faster.

ReactJS is indeed a breeze for developers to come up with easy to maintain and scalable web apps. What’s more, react is also saving companies hiring developers plenty of cash.

ReactJS is Extremely Common Among Developers

React is worth your time and cash because it’s very common among developers and engineers around the globe. Just check the number of open-source projects listed on GitHub. There are multiple libraries that make building React apps simpler and faster.

In addition, React is made by one of the largest technology companies in the world, meaning a lot of cash has been invested in upgrading this library. Developers and engineers at Facebook are putting in the work to make React the best library in the market. These developers are continually adding features that make React better with every release.

ReactJS is The Most Loved and Used Library

The first reason you should work as a react developer is that ReactJS is the most loved and used library amongst expert developers. As a matter of fact, all successful companies use react and are looking for fresh talent daily.

Therefore, if you have any doubt that becoming a react developer or learning ReactJS can get you a new job, don’t worry; there are thousands of firms looking for developers even remotely.

ReactJS Makes You More Efficient and Valuable

Working as a React developer will not only allow you to come up with brilliant and complex web apps but also build mobile and VR applications. With just a single tech, you can create plenty of different stuff without learning new programming each time.

This means that ReactJS will make you more efficient and valuable. So even when you’re sourcing for more advanced opportunities in the future, you will have a wide variety of them to choose from. For instance, you could work as an android developer or VR developer.

How to Level Up as A React Developer

React has an affluent ecosystem of open source constituents that you can utilize to prolong its usefulness. In addition, the library itself is so broad, and you can learn so much, enabling you to become some type of expert or professional.

Perhaps becoming a full-stack react developer requires you to understand JavaScript well, understand how DOM functions, and understand other vital aspects of web development.

Apart from Angular, React, and Vue, all other front-end libraries don’t have the adequate depth for you to become an expert. Therefore, you can develop at using ReactJS for a long time, and this is why Senior React developer jobs offer salaries of more than six figures.

Why React Is a Great Career-Starter for New Developers?

React Is a Great Career-Starter for New Developers

React is Easy to Learn and Use

Another thing that makes React product development a good career for beginners is that the language itself is easy to learn and use. Unlike other programming languages that can take years to learn and perfect, you can learn React in a very short time.

Thanks to thousands of books, learning resources, and tutorials already accessible, anyone proficient in Java can understand and begin an incredible web application after a couple of days of mastering the books and tutorials.

React Is a Fast, Easy, And Scalable Programming Language

React programming language is a component-based, open-source Java library for front-end development. It’s especially used to form UIs for one-page applications. React makes a lot of things easy, and its ecosystem comprises many great libraries and tools.

This library is usually used for overseeing the view layer for mobile and web apps. Therefore, React allows you to create reusable UI constituents as a new native developer.

React Offers Numerous Job Opportunities

React is currently one of the most popular programming languages. As of 2021, React.JS had been at the top of all charts as far as aspects of coding languages were concerned. As a result, the job opportunities associated with React are plenty in number.

How to Hire React Developer in Switzerland

Hire React Developer in Swiss

Define Your Company Needs

Start by defining your business’s culture to find like-minded people and keep them engaged. This allows you to attract a pretty good time; it’s what attracts or repels talent. In addition, it’s one of the key factors that can determine a company’s growth.

Look for Team Players as Opposed to ‘A-Players

The so-called ‘A players’ are usually brilliant employees, but for a short while, they come in to solve issues and leave. Often they can be toxic to a company’s culture, so don’t hire them for the long term; instead, look for individuals who work well with others.

Create an Employment Funnel

When you know the type of people you want to bring in your company, it’s time to create a hiring process. Below is a tried-and-tested framework that helps to recruit React developers. The stages of the hiring funnels include:

  1. Applicant screening (via LinkedIn or Social media and job ads)
  2. Test Task (set a small task for the applicant to do)
  3. Technical Test (JS quiz with open-ended questions)
  4. Interviewing the applicant
  5. Hired/ Not Hired (Let the applicant know if they’ve gotten the job or not)

What Are the Top 5 Reactjs Development Companies in Switzerland?

BeDjango Team

BeDjango Team

This is a company with notable expertise in mobile app development. BeDjango has built apps for various businesses and industries. Most of their clients are still with them to date.



Ciklum is a worldwide software development firm headquartered in Switzerland. They offer brilliant app development services across the globe. They have collaborated with small, medium, and large-sized organizations since their designs are always top-notch.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem

This is a hub of information technology professionals who oversee the entirety of a client’s problems and demands. Their services have gotten awards all over the business they do and they have come up with a business model that’s bound to generate profits for clients.



Liip is one of the leading software development companies in Lausanne, Switzerland. Liip strives for long-term, partnership-based services with their clients. Even after the first release, Liip continues to build solutions alongside their clients.



This is a Swiss digital mobile app development company. Modeso designs and develops brilliant solutions for established firms and startups as well. They provide systems that are the support of leading organizations. Modeso has upheld the creative side that has appealed to bright talents as well as clients for over four decades.

Final Thought

So now you can see why it’s vital to learn the React programming language. There are many jobs available not only in Switzerland but most other countries as well. You will be paid well and future-proof your career because ReactJS is here to stay. In addition, there is a massive community of developers behind React who love it, and you might love it as well.