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Do you need senior full-stack node js programmers to help you build your current or next SaaS project?

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Maybe you’re sick of beating the tight post covid developer markets. Asking your networks to help find great talent only to interview and have those developers take other jobs just as you were about to close.

Well, we can help you with that, and fast with our ready to use vetted node.js developers.


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Dedicated Node JS Developers

We can provide you with your own dedicated developers that will work exclusively with you and your team, for an indefinite period of time.

Most of our clients or projects come to us asking whether we can provide a dedicated developer, and the answer is Yes. That’s our specialty. We know that finding, hiring, and managing remote developers is not an easy task. Especially in the post covid market where developers can command big pay increases and tight labor markets. We can provide fast and easy dedicated development solutions for you, your team, or your SaaS project.

We can place one of our mid-level or senior developers immediately on your project.


All developers trained & tested on standardised node.js, and other javascript frontend software exams.


Vetted developers only, scoring top 5% or better


Our CTO and Senior Developers with 20 years of experience or more do all code reviews


Dedicated to your project alone for as long as you need them


All of our developers sit in an office managed by a senior project manager that can think like an owner. We manage the resource, so you don’t need to.


Ability to run scrum and agile methodologies, or mold to fit your own agile team systems.
Whether you need a workhorse developer to crank out code, or a more senior full stack architect to help you design CI/CD pipelines, running microservices or interconnecting with other API’s, we can find the right engineer for your project within days.
Never be fearful of flaky freelancers again

Easily able to scale with your project

Do you need more than 1 developer, and you need them fast?

We can put together the perfect team to help fit your project. We have solutions architects, experienced designers, UI/UX specialists, senior DevOps, full-stack node.js developers with skills in frontend technologies like react, angular, and mobile development.

All of our resources are yours to stay on your project for years on an indefinite basis. Ready to start within days or weeks, and yours to add and subtract as you need.


Teams can be multi-resourced and skilled backend or full stack developers.


Senior full stack developers, project managers, designers, frontend developers as you need to be managed by us and to grow with your team.


Senior devops experienced in azure, AWS, google cloud storage, dockers, kubernetes, git repositories, Jenkins and more to help make sure you’re ready to scale with microservices or implement and maintain your CI/CD pipeline.


Senior automation quality assurance testers using selenium to automate your node.js backend and database testing.


Manual quality assurance to work with your team to make sure bugs are found in staging, not in production by your users or clients.


All node.js developers are trained, tested and vetted by our London based CTO and code review teams with more than 60 years of enterprise experience.

Have a team already, but need some offshore help?

If you already have your own expertise, but just need some contractual work from time to time, or need help with clearing that backlog out of Jira, we can bring down your base cost with experienced, vetted offshore node.js engineers.


We can help your in-house team with UI/UX design.


Frontend react, angular and .net technologies.


Senior full stack expert developers in node and net core for backend technologies, MSSQL database administration or solutions architects.


Azure, AWS, Google cloud technicians to help smooth out the skills of your in-house team.


Ready to scale. Do you need 2, 4, 6, 10 node.js or multi-skilled senior full stack developers? No Problem, we have access to hundreds of developers and our team has dozens of engineers ready to go.


Guaranteed no risk for the first 90 days. No long term contracts. Ready to start in days.


That’s right. We guarantee that your project will be on time & on budget, or we cover the extra cost to complete.

We can have you ready in days once we understand your needs. Send us your requirements, the user stories, and mockups, and we can quote you and make sure you understand the expected costs to build. If your project looks heavy on features that fall outside of the core problem, we will help trim the project down to a manageable cost.

Check out the Big Break Software Podcast for hundreds of interviews where founders took a core idea and created their MVP’s and went on to product-market fit and millions in ARR.

When you work with us, we will make sure your node.js project is cut down to the bare essentials if you’re building a SaaS MVP. We are experts at solving SaaS creation problems, it’s what we do day in and day out.

No more lone wolf developers who can disappear and leave you in the dust. Ever had a developer go silent on your for weeks at a time while they are sick, or go on vacation? I can tell you, it’s not fun. It’s why we created this reliable stable source of dedicated developers for SaaS projects.

Even worse, is building a SaaS MVP only to find out that you can’t launch because every time you try and fix a bug, three more pop up.

No more risky lone-wolf freelancers or contractors that can leave you in the lurch.

Use the below testimonial from Luke found on https://www.onestopdevshop.io/geordie-wardman/

Ready to get started?


“Our Team Has Been Planning For an MVP for the last year. While searching job boards, Linkedin, angel’s list for possible teams to work with we came across Geordie and OneStop DevShop. After briefing Geordie, he understood the core of our vision, talked us through building our first clickable prototype, so that we can have something cost-effective, but also concrete to

Luke Bragg

Your perfect development team is just a call away.



Why choose us for your next node.js developer hire?

One of our clients was able to secure investment funding valuing their company at $50M after only 18 months of building the MVP.

That’s a fifty million USD valuation that we co-founded and built from the first line of code up in less than 24 months.

Our model is to help you build the best version of your product as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. While we can’t guarantee being fast, cheap and high quality, we can give you two of the three. Most people want a blend of fast, and high quality, while also monitoring costs. This is the reason we use a blended rate of development resources with strategy and code review out of Europe/US and development heavy lifting out of the best offshore teams on the planet.

We start from the beginning to make sure your project will succeed so that we can become a part of your team. A part of your project. We could only wish all of our clients could get $50m valuations after we build their MVPs.

We have an ownership mentality, without being owners. We take pride in our work, and we want your long-term success so that we can grow with your project. Whether that project starts with a 200 hour MVP proof of concept, a total rebuild of an existing app, or we come in as hired guns to help clear out a nasty backlog of features your customers are begging you to implement.

Here is what you get when you hire a OneStop pre-vetted node.js developer.


No long term contracts, unless you want them.


24 x 7 support for the length of the project.


Fixed cost projects guaranteed to be on time and on budget.


30 days no risk money back guarantee.


Complete confidentiality, and European, UK, Swiss or US signed contracts.

No problem. We can help you build your mockups or user stories. Start your project off on the right foot and spend the time with the user stories and mockups. To get a great example of how to do this, check out our post on how to build great mockups. If you spend the time in the beginning, you’ll understand the project better, and your UI will be the better for it making it easy for your customers, investors and team to understand the core problem you are solving.

OneStop DevShop was an idea born out of frustration with hearing about other SaaS entrepreneurs getting burned on Upwork (churn & burn hacks) & Toptal (overpriced robots). We wanted to create an enterprise level service that can tailor easily to your needs and is vested in the long term success of your project.

We have access to thousands of developers, and have dozens of developers that are already fully trained and tested by our London based onshore senior full stack developers. We work on multiple time zones and can easily accommodate your needs with our flexible agile methodologies that we’ve been practicing for decades. We build marquee apps and enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies. We have them full time performing code reviews, designing the architecture, implementing micro services, installing CI/CD pipelines, reviewing Azure, AWS and cloud strategies, integrating with API’s, and building payment gateways in multiple currencies. All of this backed up with automated selenium QA engineers and manual QA teams ready to squash out bugs in staging environments and not found in production by your customers.

That’s easy, because I’ve used both of these platforms before. Let’s start with Upwork (churn & burn hacks). In theory, Upwork sounds great. You come on the platform, bid for a project and get bombarded with people promising you the world. It’s very difficult to ascertain which of these developers is any good, we’re supposed to use the reviews but reviews don’t tell the whole story. A developer may be great when they launch your product, but once your product is running, that developer doesn’t want to mess around with onesie twosie hours here and there fixing bugs, or adding features. You’re essentially left on your own. They get paid to big on larger projects, do them as quickly as possible and move on. We don’t do that, we help you through every step of the process, making sure your costs are manageable, that your user stories make sense, that you are actually solving the core problem you intend to solve and that your project launches with success. And we stay on to continue the support and chances of success for the long term, growing with your project. It makes sense for you, and it makes sense for us because you already know us. We know your product, and we can invest for the long term success of your project, as you grow and bring on more of our team.

And Toptal?

The biggest reason is that Toptal isn’t really that cheap. The place of overpriced robots. Starting at $65 an hour, I expect a lot. And you don’t really get it. You may get someone that is halfway good at coding, but being a developer resource is about so much more than just coding. You want support, ideas, maybe a few design hours and suggestions, resources that fall outside the scope of knowledge of a single developer. Due to our access to hundreds of developers, and breadth and scope of experience and expertise, we can guide you through the many nuances and pitfalls of building a software as a service or mobile app. Why? Because we own some ourselves, we’re part of entrepreneurial network groups, we go to SaaS events, we speak to the best and brightest on our Big Break Software Podcast – we live and breathe building SaaS. And, we’re very good at it. Just ask one of our clients that just gained a multi-million dollar valuation and investment after only 18 months of development. We built this service from the first line of code, and we’re still heavily involved with the success of this application. Do you think you’ll get that from Toptal robots?

Node.js is fast, lightweight and scalable. This makes it perfect for server-side and client-side interactions making it easier for your team to get feedback from their deployments. Scaling with node.js through the use of microservices makes it ideal for enterprise applications that want to scale, and isolate components of the platform that suffer downtime, with the rest of the app or platform unaffected. To get a full list of reasons why node.js could be the perfect fit for your next platform, check out our post Why use node.js.

That’s easy. We work with Fortune 500 clients, enterprise services and high demanding fast moving startups; Newmark (https://www.nmrk.com/), London Stock Exchange, Royal Mail, Canadian Olympics, REI Blackbook, Flexport.com, Miigle.com, waveapps.com, freckle.io, wavereview.com, and many others.

Noone else in our industry is crazy enough to offer an ON TIME & ON BUDGET GUARANTEE. I’ve searched all of our competitors, no one even comes close. So what’s the deal? Simple. We take your project, estimate the work to complete it. We then sign a statement that guarantees that the hours we quoted you will be on time, and on budget, or we finish the rest of the project on us. We have completed dozens of projects with this guarantee and not once has a customer called us out on this. Because we’ve delivered consistently, every time. So we will happily stand by this guarantee all day long.

Easy, just hit the Contact button up in the menu, or the Estimate My Project Now button located below. Once you do, one of our software entrepreneurs will reach out to you and try and get you on a call in order to better understand your project. Once we have received your input, and mockups on the project, we create an estimate in a few days. If we have questions, we let you know, and will modify the project accordingly. We sign a painless contract with no long term commitments, and then we start. All of this can happen within days.