New unprecedented advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are pushing the boundaries of business.

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What is Machine Learning?

“Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today I actually have a hard time thinking of an industry that
I don’t think AI (Artificial Intelligence) will transform in the next several years.”
– Andrew Ng, businessman, computer scientist, investor, and writer.

Machine learning allows us to go beyond what we thought possible.

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What are the 3 main types of machine learning?

The three most important types of machine learning are

Supervised Learning “Teach me”

Unsupervised Learning “I can learn on my own”

Reinforcement Learning “I can make my own rules”


Supervised Learning

Supervised machine learning is where the program is “trained” on a predefined set of “training examples”.

This then in turn facilitates its ability to reach an accurate conclusion when given new data.

The end result is an accurate prediction of something of value.

Applications include






Database marketing


Handwriting recognition


Information retrieval


Speech recognition


Information extraction


Object recognition in computer vision


Optical character recognition


Spam detection


Pattern recognition

Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised machine learning is where the program is given a bunch of data and must find patterns and relationships therein.

Applications include


Clustering: Automatically split the dataset into groups based on similarities


Anomaly detection: Discover unusual data points in your dataset. (useful for finding fraudulent transactions)


Association mining: Identify sets of items which often occur together in your dataset

Reinforcement Learning

Essentially reinforcement learning is learning by trial and error. Google’s Deepmind is at the forefront of this type of new AI technology.

A well-known example of reinforcement learning is AlphaGo. You might remember AlphaGo from 2015. Go is a popular and highly regarded Chinese board game.AlphaGo is the first computer program to defeat a professional human Go player and the first to defeat a Go world champion 5.0.

Because of the complexity of the game, traditional AI methods were not able to surface. By combining deep neural networks and tree search, new neural networks were able to be learned.

Of particular interest was move 37 in the second game. AlphaGo played a move that was both surprising and unexpected to high-level players. It was able to challenge our human understanding and help us study inventive and winning moves.

“Over time, AlphaGo improved and became increasingly stronger and better at learning and decision-making. This process is known as reinforcement learning. AlphaGo went on to defeat Go world champions in different global arenas and arguably became the greatest Go player of all time.”

By deepening our capacity to ask how and why, AI will advance the frontiers of knowledge and unlock whole new
avenues of scientific discovery, improving the lives of billions of people.”
– Demis Hassabis, DeepMind CEO

What can Machine Learning do for you?

Machine learning can help your company, regardless of if you’re just starting out or a fully-fledged global operation. Machine Learning helps you to cut your costs, increase your ROI, and most importantly, to create value.

There’s no telling what world-changing AngularJS applications you can achieve with OneStopDevShop on your side.

“Currently, the most promising approach of AI is the use of applied machine learning. This means rather than trying to encode
machines with everything they need to know, the end goal is to enable them to learn, and then to learn how to learn.”
– Elite Data Science

From face recognition and chatbots to super-personalized, customer-centric marketing the applications of machine learning are as diverse as AI itself.

Imagine being able to get real-time market reports written on demand specifically for you and your investment portfolio.

In addition to making business analytics easier, preventing fraud is another useful application for machine learning. This comes as high risk profiles are simpler to recognize and warning signs of fraud are more easily identified.

Big data, analytics and reporting become much easier with machine learning. From a business standpoint, this enables you to make smarter business choices faster, at any time.

Transport has seen many new additions of late with self-driving cars and the likes of Uber and Uber eats style companies.

Machine learning is able to streamline data and trends thereby making delivery of goods far more efficient and affordable.

Apps are now able to monitor and analyze health data in real time. This is a fast-growing trend in the personal data sector.

Insights into buying history, previous purchasing trends and average cart spend mean you can market to your ideal customer.

Not only that, but with machine learning, you can know the ultimate time and place to present your marketing making purchase more likely.

Imagine the time and money you could save by having a targeted marketing plan that captures your customers the moment they are ready to buy.

Ready to incorporate machine learning into your business?

Because we live and breathe the latest in technology, our
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So much so that we are currently building our very own Saas
that uses Python and Tensorflow. It’s utilizing the power of
machine learning to sort datasets and apply solutions to real-
world problems.

The applications are incredible and we’re excited to scale your
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Here are just a few of the revolutionary ways that Machine
Learning is changing the SaaS industry.

Big Data

To better understand your customers, analysis of data is required
we know this.

AI-based machine learning means we can discover and identify patterns in data with ease. Combined with advanced analytics, you can generate extreme value to gain valuable insights that in turn allows you to increase customer retention and satisfaction, increase your revenue and reduce your costs.

Already companies and CEOs are seeing the value in AI and machine learning.

Observing how tech and retail are merging, like Amazon and
Whole Foods, Georges Nahon says:

“Thanks to AI, the face will be the new credit card, the new driver’s license, and the new barcode. Facial recognition is already completely
transforming security with biometric capabilities being adopted.”
– Georges Nahon, CEO of Orange Silicon Valley

Companies are becoming a lot more customer-centric through the application of advanced analytics, machine learning and
real-time personalization of content and interaction.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Deep learning (DL) is a promising subset of machine learning. It is what powers most of the human-like AI today.

The key difference between machine learning and deep learning is that deep learning algorithms have an artificial neural network that enables it to learn and make intelligent decisions on it’ own.

Deep Learning applications have already made a significant impact on our day-to-day lives. We will continue to see various applications seamlessly integrate human and AI technologies to make our lives easier.

TensorFlow is Google’s open-source platform and is considered one of the best tools available for Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Applications for deep learning that we have seen already include:


Speech recognition devices such as Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa


Navigation and guidance in self-driving vehicles


Medical imaging and predictable diagnostic tools


Voice translation devices


Image recognition and pattern analysis

At [GetMedDevs] we not only have experienced TensorFlow developers, we use the platform ourselves for our own projects.

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Machine Learning in Python

Open-source libraries: Widely available machine learning libraries like Google’s TensorFlow and scikit-learn make cutting-edge algorithms more accessible to a wider audience of data scientists and generalist software engineers.

We are currently building our very own Saas that uses Python. If you’re looking for experienced Python developers to work on your business let us know.

We’re working on some very exciting, revolutionary projects and would be interested to add yours to the mix.

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In today’s digital age, companies must act quickly, and often in real-time. That’s why advanced analytics is becoming essential for organizations that want to be truly insight-driven.– Allan Frank, chief digital officer and co-founder of The Hackett Group


5 problems that can be easily improved by Machine Learning

The use of chatbots has already proven useful at answering endless customer questions. In addition, AI has now reached the stage where they can have thoughtful, engaging conversations. This allows business owners to leverage machine
learning and spend time and money developing other essential parts of their business.

Logistics and distribution is a multi-million dollar industry that has seen the use of machine learning for some time now.

Amazon has had Prime Air for a number of years now. Autonomous drone delivery is designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles, also called drones.

In Amazon’s words:

“Prime Air has great potential to enhance the services we already provide to millions of customers by providing rapid parcel delivery that will also increase the overall safety and efficiency of the transportation system.”

With Prime Air development centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, France, and Israel, time will tell how successful this addition is to the logistics and distribution industry.

Currently, shipping costs are still quite expensive. Improving efficiency through AI integration and automation will mean big reductions in shipping costs and increases in delivery speed. Optimization opportunities in supply chain management, vehicle maintenance, and inventory will also make shipping faster, easier, and more environmentally friendly.

Facial recognition has already changed the way consumers operate day-to-day.

Thanks to AI, your face is the new credit card, driver’s license and barcode. Facial recognition is already completely transforming security with biometric capabilities becoming mainstream
– Georges Nahon, CEO of Orange Silicon Valley

Already we feel as though our applications on our phone and in our house know more about us than we know ourselves.

For the ease of knowing our habits, our preferences, and when and how often we consume/purchase things, machine learning can predict and streamline our lives.

From Amazon Echo to Google Home, tech giants are pouring millions of dollars into voice-based assistants and they are getting smarter by the minute.

We’re all familiar with Netflix and Amazon and how AI is used to suggest content based on our individual preferences. But did you know that in the near future we will experience entire narratives generated by AI?

Not only will our homepages be customized based on our past purchases and downloads but AI will take it one step further.

Currently, according to Amazon, nearly 35% of its sales come from such personalized recommendations! And, almost 56% of them are likely to turn into repeat buyers as well.

This means that the content you consume will be a fluid experience where your interests could in fact change not only the content type but the actual components of the content itself.

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