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Whether you need a dedicated react developer, a team, or help to augment your own resources. We’ve got your React Javascript needs to be covered.

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Finding react.js developers is hard. We know, looking for the best talent is what we do 7 days a week.

Over the years, and our networks of thousands of the best react javascript developers, we have built a solid team of exceptionally talented developers.


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Dedicated Developers

Do you need a single dedicated developer to help your current team? Or a dedicated resource to start your project?

A dedicated developer is one that you own, that works solely on your project and that is a member of your team. They work exclusively on your project, for an indefinite period. Many of our best clients have had dedicated resources for years and are still going strong.

We can place one of our mid-level or senior developers immediately on your project.


All developers trained & tested on standardised react software exams.


Esbuild, typescript,


Vetted developers only, scoring top 5% or better


Our CTO and Senior Developers with 20 years of experience or more do all code reviews


Dedicated to your project alone.


Managed in an office by a manager, no more long wolf freelancers disappearing or flaking out on your project.
Whether it is enterprise level software development or an MVP idea, we can step in within days and get your project going.
Never be fearful of flaky freelancers again

Team to Scale With Your Vision

Did you just receive some investment capital and do you need to grow your team quickly?

We can put together the exact skill set you need to help build the perfect react frontend team.

Just as with a dedicated developer, you can have a team of dedicated developers that work on your project alone. These resources can stay on with your project for years and years. As long as you need them, they are yours to use.


Teams can be multi-resourced and skilled developers


Senior full stack developers with react front end and node.js or MVC .net core backend


Senior devops to help make sure you’re ready to scale with microservices or implement and maintain your CI/CD pipeline


Senior automation quality assurance testers using selenium to automate your testing


Manual quality assurance to work with your team to make sure bugs are found in staging, not in production


All developers are trained, tested and vetted by our London based CTO and code review teams with more than 60 years of enterprise experience

Augmentation For Your In-House Team

Do you have a team, but want more bang for your buck? Use your internal onshore in-house team, and augment that team with our trained and vetted offshore react developers.


We can help your in-house team with UI/UX design


Frontend react, vue, typescript, esbuild javascript


Senior full stack expert developers in react, react native for mobile, node and net core for backend technologies


Azure, AWS, Google cloud technicians to help smooth our the skills of your in-house team


Ready to scale. You need 2, 4, 6, 10 react or multi-skilled developers? No Problem, we have access to hundreds of developers and are team has dozens of engineers ready to go.


Guaranteed no risk for the first 90 days. No long term contracts.

Sick of giving posting to your networks, begging for great technical talent?

We can have you ready in days once we understand your needs. Whether you need a quick prototype, MVP or you just want to let us
manage all of the technical aspects of your project, we can do it.

No more lone wolf developers who can disappear with you and leave your investors and you hanging.

No more posting on job boards, forums, or social media begging for engineers, only to receive half-hearted responses with no real

No more risky full time hires, only to be disappointed.

Ready to get started?

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“I’ve been working with Geordie and his team now for about 12 months and I’m so glad I switched over to his services. The team I was working with before  literally cost twice as much, and took twice as long. I thought I needed to work with a local team, but that proved to be nearly disastrous for my SOFTWARE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT processes. Since moving to OneStop Devshop, I have been able to move my SaaS to new levels of success, all with helpful and timely programmatic updates. It’s not just about the technical side either, as a seasoned entrepreneur and business owner himself, Geordie can help with copywriting, design, management, and a host of other services. Whatever you do, listen to him, he knows what he is talking about. I know I do, and I’m sure glad to be with him and his team.”

Nate Pummel

Your perfect development team is just a call away.

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Why choose OneStop DevShop to build your next react app?

Our business is your long term success. We are not churners and  burners.  Completing your project and when the work slows down, leaving you to fend for yourself.

NO! We hate that model. It’s only more work for you, and more work for us having to keep finding new clients. We start from the beginning to make sure your project will succeed so that we can become a part of your team. A part of your project.

We have an ownership mentality, without being owners. We take pride in our work, and we want your long term success so that we can grow with your  project. Whether that project starts with a 200 hour MVP proof of concept, or requires a total rebuild of an existing app.

When you go with us, you get:


24 x 7 support for the length of the project


30 days no risk money back guarantee


We finish the project on time and on budget, or we finish at our expense


Complete confidentiality, and European, UK, Swiss or US signed contracts.

No problem. We can help you build your mockups or user stories. (link to blog articles) This part of the process is very important, we will
guide you through everything to make sure you fully understand the project, and that we do.

Yeah, tell me about it. I have too and it’s why we created this service. We have access to thousands of developers, and have dozens of developers that are already fully trained and tested by our London based onshore senior full stack developers. This team builds marquee apps and enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies. We have them full time performing code reviews, designing the architecture, implementing micro services, installing CI/CD pipelines, reviewing Azure, AWS and cloud strategies. You name it, we have you covered with our automated testing and manual testing, we will find the bugs before your users do.

There’s a reason react has a lot of hype right now. Even though it’s been around since 2011, it’s getting upgrades all the time. There is a reason that AirBnB, and Netflix chose react to create their billion dollar platforms. It scales well, it’s fast, and the engineering community is robust. We wrote about the reasons to use react extensively in this blog post (link to blog post).

We have had a host of Fortune 500 clients, enterprise services and high demanding fast moving startups. Some of them you may have heard of; Newmark (https://www.nmrk.com/), London Stock Exchange, Royal Mail, Canadian Olympics, REI Blackbook, Flexport.com, Miigle.com, waveapps.com, freckle.io, wavereview.com, and many others.

None else in our industry is crazy enough to offer an ON TIME & ON BUDGET GUARANTEE. I’ve searched all of our competitors, no one even comes close. So what’s the deal? Simple. We take your project, estimate the work to complete it. We then sign a statement that guarantees that the hours we quoted you will be on time, and on budget, or we finish the rest of the project on us. We have completed dozens of projects with this guarantee and not once has a customer called us out on this. Because we’ve delivered consistently, every time. So we will happily stand by this guarantee all day long.