OnestopDevshop Looking for Incubator CTO

By gswardman January 24, 2022

I need a Chief Technical Officer

I’m an experienced entrepreneur, and I need a CTO to help me grow all of my businesses. I have strengths in operations, sales & marketing and I need someone I can trust to be my technical adviser and lead the technical aspects  of the business. I expect you to challenge me, and you will be spoken to like a trusted partner.

I’ve started 5 businesses since I went on my own after working the corporate world in 2006. Since that time, I have sold three of those companies, and am currently running two. If you’re interested, you can read more about my path HERE

The core business is this website, basically a .NET, node.js, react/angular software development and design company that employs a team of between 35 – 50 developers, and various contractors but growing quickly. Recently, our sales and marketing efforts are gaining strong traction, and I need to take
on a CTO to help me grow the company more.

I am also building a software as a service company to help with hiring, which is a major growing pain for us, and our partner projects. I have 12 months of  funding to grow this with a full time developer, data scientist, PM and designer.  You will also assist with the growth and development of this platform.

You’ll be my trusted number two person, helping me with tasks like –

  • Managing clients & team meetings
  • Help find and hire other positions
  • Run interviews on new hires
  • Code reviews on your preferred tech stack
  • Systems architecture planning
  • Build a best practices training certification for new
  • Hires based on your recommendations, SaaS best
  • Practices and Solid Principles/12 factor app
  • Methodologies
  • Manage your own team to help your job be easier and
  • Manage your own workload
  • Help manage and grow two SaaS companies
  • Write systems processes for technical teams
  • Write technical updates on company blog
  • Vet SaaS companies to purchase to help increase
  • Gross revenues
  • Be extremely organised, have growth mentality
  • Have excellent English writing and grammatical skills
  • Be comfortable speaking on the phone with people,
  • Personable, professional demeanor

Ideal candidates will have university education with 3.5 GPA (or international  equivalent) with core focus on computer science, managing data structures &  scrum, agile methodologies & SaaS best practices.


  • Flexible hours, I don’t care when you work, and I am not going to be monitoring you. Your results should speak for themselves
  • Have a say in strategy and growth of the company
  • Your work matters, your input matters
  • Equity Earn In Option once through the trial period
  • Previous experience isn’t required, I can train you to do most things, and you’ll be writing up your own processes to train those under you.
  • You should however have SaaS experience and have at least 8 years of experience developing software.

This is ideal if you are interested in working in a startup, bootstrapped environment, or later want to start, or purchase your own company.

Put in your application what you would like to get paid. If you prove your worth, bring in business and can pitch to me that you are worth more, I’m open to offering equity

In order to reply, email GEORDIE@1STOP.IO and include the Term – #I want to be your CTO

Please include a short 2-3 minute video (you can use LOOM, it’s free of yourself, describing why this is the perfect position for you, and where you see  yourself in 5 years and 10 years from now