How to rent out your SaaS marketing activities with Fractional CMO coach Casey Stanton

Casey Stanton founded CMOx to help fitness, health, manufacturing, and technology firms accelerate their growth. He has been a marketing consultant for years and has worked with numerous companies during his career. Listen to Casey as he narrates his story to Geordie Wardman.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What prompted Casey to start selling his products online
  • What is Casey’s description of marketing?
  • What key problem does Casey solve?
  • Why having the right workforce is critical for your business.
  • The type of companies that Casey works with
  • Why Casey founded CMO Exponential
  • Key skills of a marketing technician
  • Why you should manage your team tightly
  • The importance of creating social proof
  • What does social proof do?
  • The importance of believing in what you do
  • Why marketers should be factual rather than persuasive
  • Why a sales script is important
  • Importance of a good conversation in business

In this episode…

Fate has a humorous way of connecting people to their destiny, and nothing describes Casey’s experience better than this. He narrates to Geordie how he struggled to get work and later settled for mowing lawns.

One day he approached a man he worked for and sought to find out how he had managed to get his life together. Casey says the answer he received that day changed his life for the best. Listen to the podcast to find out what the answer was, and the riveting events that followed.

Casey says he founded CMO Exponential, a company that specializes in providing part-time and fractional marketing officers. Together with the team, they have a pragmatic operation that they have christened the functional marketing framework. He mentions that they utilize this method on seven and eight-figure firms to help them grow.

CMO Exponential also works with startups and six-figure businesses. If you fall into this category, you should listen to Casey as he explains how they can help you in your journey. Coming up with a marketing strategy, according to Casey can be challenging. However, the moment you have one, you do not have to keep on paying a chief marketing officer. Still, Casey mentions that we are living in hard times, and businesses need CMOs now more than ever.

With everything going digital, Casey believes that every business intending to grow should hire a full-time CMO. If you are considering moving your business online, then Casey gives a detailed breakdown of the companies they work with. Listen in to understand how your business can benefit from collaborating with CMO Exponential. Casey offers detailed information on the impact of a marketing strategy on business success.

According to Casey, while there are numerous strategies available today, not everything will work for your business. He stresses the importance of understanding your product, identifying your target consumers, and coming up with a concept that works for everybody involved. This is comprehensive coverage that all entrepreneurs will benefit from. You will need a pen and paper as you listen to this podcast.

At some point, Geordie engages Casey about his new time tracking software. He seeks to find out what he would do to enhance its performance. Casey’s explanation is what every new entrepreneur needs to propel their products to the next stage. You cannot afford to miss this part of the podcast. Even as Casey explains the importance of testimonials, he also gives out the case study formula. He also explains what you should do after acquiring social proof. Listen in to find this out.

One on one selling is crucial as it helps sellers see their customers and listen to their complaints. This strategy also helps entrepreneurs in figuring out why customers are not buying the products. It can also help them figure out how to improve the product, to meet customer demands.

Casey advises entrepreneurs not to shy away from making a single sale in a week, especially when starting. While he understands how discouraging it can be, he says that the effort you invest today will pay you tomorrow.

If you are a marketer, you know that dealing with people can be difficult, especially when they reject your product. According to Casey, sales is a chance for somebody to say no to you. All marketers should avoid losing sleep because no is part of the sales process. Casey discusses the importance of having a robust sales process, keywords, and an SEO campaign, and this is something you must listen to. According to Casey, you should not let the complexity of marketing interfere with your sales strategy. He also mentions three other very critical issues that every entrepreneur should know. Listen to the podcast to figure these out.