How to break down your limiting beliefs, conquer your Inner Game and raise your profits with Business Mindset Coach Nina Cooke.

Nina, a business mindset coach specializes in assisting entrepreneurs to release their deep inner blocks to enhance continued growth. She also strives to help businesses reduce downtime. During her career, Nina has not only hosted the entrepreneur’s inner game podcast, but she has also been featured on BBC Radio and Forbes. Listen to Nina as she narrates her journey to Geordie.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why your mindset can help you strike their big breakthrough
  • Why entrepreneurs should appreciate both success and failure
  • Nina’s career history
  • Leveraging the internet to start a business in the comfort of your home
  • Nina’s personal development journey
  • Importance of confidence in business
  • Why coaches require continued training
  • Why every entrepreneur should avoid blaming other people and take full responsibility for their decisions instead
  • Facing and countering your Limiting beliefs
  • Why you should not rely on someone to validate, or make you feel better or worthy
  • You are the only one that is responsible for changing your thoughts and mindset
  • To succeed, you need to eliminate every negative thought from your mind
  • As an entrepreneur, you need to approach your prospects and let them understand why they should choose you over your competitors
  • An example of a tangible framework that Nina uses
  • Understanding the shortest method an entrepreneur can use to reach their goals
  • Why you should avoid taking things personally
  • Why entrepreneurs should enjoy the present moment
  • Why writing things down increases your chances of achieving it

In this episode…

Entrepreneurship can be an interesting journey but it comes with lots of challenges. It is these challenges that convinced Nina to start working with entrepreneurs. Nina says she realized that many entrepreneurs get in their own way and end up tripping themselves up. She notes that what stops many entrepreneurs from succeeding is the way they think.

With this approach at her fingertips, Nina decided to work with entrepreneurs. She aimed to help them understand that their mindset is all that mattered.

Nina says entrepreneurs should develop a courageous and resilient mind that can quit the comfort zone and take up risks. Listen to Nina as she gives Geordie exclusive details of her career history. Nina says while her concepts are intangible, it has to generate tangible and practical results. She reiterates that her approach must create an impact and increase income while making life easy.

Having a free mind is crucial when it comes to making sound decisions, according to Nina, and that is what her concept does. Her training helps entrepreneurs to develop better problem-solving skills. Even then, Nina says that the intangible factors are what she values most.

The idea of knowing that you are prepared to handle any challenges you face in your journey and remaining optimistic regardless of the situation. These are the concepts that make Nina want to keep on doing what she does.

Nina tells Geordie that relying on someone else to make you feel worthy would be futile. After all, everybody is busy with their wellbeing. Nina mentions that no two people share the same thoughts. She says everybody is a unique thinker, and everyone is entitled to their opinions. Nina discusses more details about this idea that you can listen to in the podcast.

Nina tells her clients that their power surpasses their beliefs. Listen to her as she expounds on this matter in the podcast. She also discusses her understanding of tangible frameworks and takes Geordie through what she does to help her clients eliminate limiting beliefs. You cannot miss this part of the podcast. Nina says her concept is like therapy that helps clients eliminate inner blocks and develop new and empowering thinking about themselves.

Nina reiterates that many times, entrepreneurs judge the reaction of an audience before starting their projects. Nina’s mantra is; if you do not ask, you will not get. She says she has evolved over the years and no longer takes things personally. Nina is always prepared to take feedback.

According to Nina, how you respond to feedback is more critical than what other people say. She is happy to know that her clients can knock down every barrier of resistance. Once you eliminate these barriers, you begin doing things they love doing and those that grow their businesses.

Nina discusses the different types of blocks in this podcast. She says, clearing your mind off these blocks helps free your thinking. Her strategy, she says, works. However, she is quick to mention that it works differently for different clients. Nina concludes the podcast by reiterating the importance of living at the present moment.

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