Simplify Your Tech Project To Its Bare Essentials

In software development LESS IS MORE.

The simpler, the better. We are NOT about building software to quickly move on to the next project. By focusing on the core benefit, or core problem, we can help you eliminate down to the bare minimum to what your customers really can’t live without. We take on the vision of your product and work with you to become your software partners ensuring the final success of your project.

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We won't leave you.

Team won’t disappear on you and leave your entire project in jeopardy of complete failure by having a single point of failure.


We are versatile.

Teams have multiple skill sets, by design, and can bounce ideas off of each other.


We give you the best deal.

Teams can help to rebalance your costs by hiring a senior developer for laying the foundation, a junior coder for more menial tasks, and a quality assurance person for bug testing.


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Big Break Software Podcast.

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Identifying Problems

Technological and Automation Disadvantage

“We feel like we need Technology from a marketing standpoint, also from an Automation standpoint, where basically what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to accomplish more with fewer people.”

Lack of Professional Expertise

“I think that there’s a lot of functions that we are responsible for whether it’s– You could talk about accounting, or you can talk about graphics or whatever it may be, but those are things that we don’t need to have the expertise in handling. We attempt to outsource anything that is not our core competency.”


“The best use of our time is to be speaking with the owners or decision-makers of those assets and providing them guidance or advice or helping them trade in and out of different properties, which is our product. If we’re doing something other than that’s not making us necessarily any money.”

Couldn’t Execute / Carry-out Tasks ​

“There was just too much unknown on our side where we ran into the second roadblock, and I was like, I need to figure out how this stuff actually gets built. What are the softwares that are being used?”

“We didn’t have the skillset to accomplish what we needed to be accomplished, so the quality of the product or the build was never there”

Solving the Problems

We create automated programs and competent technological advantage from competitors​

What you need is what you get!

“We just need to own it. We need to control it. We need a team going to be really tailored around our needs. That’s what you’ve done is you’ve put the pieces we’ve actually needed in place for us and have been able to keep up at the pace that we’ve wanted to go. What we’ve created the website is you’ve done a great job with the design side of it. You’ve done a great job with the engineering side of it, and we’re now launched. It has all the functionality that we need.”

Having a competitive and skilled team that is dedicated to the task

The Dedicated Team!

“Find a team that connects you directly to the development team and provide you all the support you need…”

“I think if you want to ever do something, develop anything great, you have to put in the work. You have to become more knowledgeable, and then you need to find a team that’s going to connect you directly to the development team like you have done and then provide you all the support that you need to get where you want to go.

“I’ve really appreciated the way the team has been working together through your guidance and management.”

Professionally qualified experts to complete the task.

Don’t do it yourself!

“Having the correct level of expertise working on your project.

“You guys bring a balance of that creative side, and you definitely have creatives on your team. The team has a can-do attitude, which is really important when you’re dealing with a client. I think that with the previous teams that we’ve worked with, they were fine, but we weren’t looking for fine.”

Consistency with the project vision and successful outcomes.

The Game Changer!

“I would say when I was scoping the project with you and your follow-up and follow-through and how you just hang in there. While we figured things out on our site, you continued to be there to help answer questions, re-scope the project as we changed direction with, not the whole project as a whole but parts of the project. We expanded it. We modified it, and you continued to be there and listen and have the flexibility to look at it differently with us.”

Start with us now!

Don’t waste your time and resources

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Unsure how to finish what you started?

We have a qualified and expert team that can do it all.

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Just starting your project?

Our senior engineers will understand and translate its features, functionalities, and benefits for your customers

Schedule a call with one of our expert software entrepreneurs.

We have over 40 developers that are available within 48 hours to start on your project.  Just answer the  Project Discovery Questions  to assess which stage your project is at.


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