Tips for How to Hire an Angular Development Team from Scratch

By gswardman February 1, 2021

Hiring an Angular development team is not a task you do in a hurry. Each angular developer needs to be properly vetted to ensure they have the right qualifications in both technical and soft skills. Hiring the wrong team will cost you a lot in time, effort as well as finances. How do you go about hiring the best angular development team?Angular developers needs to be properly vetted to ensure they have the right qualifications

Understanding Angular  

Before you hire Angular JS developers, what is Angular and how is it used? Angular JS is maintained developed by Google in 2010, and who still maintain it to date. Angular is an open-source framework written in TypeScript and is used for web, e-commerce, and mobile app development. An app developer can create a single-page Angular app by using programming languages like JavaScript, Dart, and TypeScript. TypeScript is the most recommended language for its reliable documentation, regular updates, and community support. When Angular was first developed, it was called Angular JS, and later rewritten and called Angular 2, or simply Angular. Angular is a self-sufficient framework that comes in in-built tools such as Aptana and Sublime Text, and its project-set up is via Angular CLI (Command Line Interface). Development and testing of Angular application functionality are simplified by the use of MVVM and MVC frameworks. You can still hire dedicated Angular JS developers depending on your project needs.

What Dedicated Angular Developers Do

Angular software developer’s role is to work on the UI or User interface aspect of your software. The Angular programmer builds various pieces of software and integrates them into a single final product. The Angular developer is a JavaScript developer who has a more in-depth understanding of the various software development concepts. Angular software developer's role is to work on the UI or User Interface aspect of your software The Angular developer’s main job is to work on your software’s client-side, build a UI (User Interface) for web applications, web development process, build components and modules. The Angular developers work on the front -end of different high quality and performance mobile and web apps. They also work with back-end developers to oversee the fulfillment of the SPA (Single Page Application) technicalities. The developers also cater for unit testing after development. The developers’ test components, services, code units, and others. The Angular developers must have the know-how of obtaining Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and data supplies from third-party service providers.

Qualities of Angular Web Development Team Members

To hire members of your Angular Developer Team, here are some of the technical and soft skill sets they should possess.

1. Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

The team members you recruit must be well versed in the JavaScript framework, CSS, HTML, and other concepts like data binding and component communication. The potential team members must be good at UX (User experience) concepts, element positioning, and interaction.

2. Understand the Angular Framework

The hired coders must be knowledgeable in the Angular Framework and other concepts. The Angular framework has the advantage of regular updates, and with the release of newer versions, the developers must be continuously updated. The team members must be familiar with Git Able, npm, RXJS, and be familiar with translating wireframe into front-end.

3. Web Pack and Node Knowledge

Angular developers with knowledge of additional tools such as webpack have an added advantage and should be shortlisted Web Pack and Node include adding features to Angular, which makes the development projects process seamless. If you hire developers with this extra skill, they have a competitive edge against developers who do not.

Soft Skills

Hiring an Angular development team with all the right technical skills is great for your software product. However, the team must work in cohesion, and having the right soft skills ensures the team works in unison. Some of the soft skills the team should have include:

4. Excellent Communication Skills

The developers you hire must possess excellent communication skills that enable them to communicate effectively with their team members. The team members should also have an innate intuition that allows them to gauge what people need in a web or mobile application, knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices, and the ability to answer all FAQs concerning the app.

5. Attention to Detail

The team members must each be attentive to details. This allows the developer to notice small errors in code, and save a lot of time that would be otherwise spent in reviewing the code.

6. Team Players

Each team member needs to have excellent team player skills and can cooperate with other team members. Today, most teams use either the Scrum or Agile methodology, which the team members should have some experience in.

7. Experience

You can choose an Angular development team from either of three categories,

The Web Development Hiring Process

If you choose independent hiring, use platforms like GitHub, Toptal, UpWork, etc The hiring process goes through several stages:
  • Preparing project description- Detail everything about your project to get a better idea of the expertise needed, and to give the candidates a chance to see if they are a fit for the position.
  • Determine hiring mode- Choose from various models, depending on team member numbers, project length, and budget. Determine if you will hire full-time, part-time, insource, outsource, use a vendor, development company, or a vendor. If you choose independent hiring, use platforms like Github, Toptal, Upwork, etc.
  • Evaluate whether you need a developer team- Evaluate your project workload and decide whether you need a team for the development process.
  • Compile requirement list- eliminates time-wasting and you can quickly shortlist candidates.
  • Conduct interviews- conduct a face-to-face interview or online interview for remote candidates. This allows you to verify their expertise and test their skills before committing to employing them.
  • Team members’ Induction- Conducting interviews and practical tests mark the end of the hiring process. This stage involves team members’ induction into the company. It comprises such administrative tasks as signing NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements) and contracts, and preparation of all the necessary documentation.


To hire top Angular developers, you need careful planning. You have to conduct a hiring process that includes screening and interviews to evaluate candidates’ hard and soft skills and is cost-effective too. Evaluate your project requirements like project length, size, and budget. If you are a startup going into web or mobile application development, your project manager should start by considering the budget as a primary factor. Compare the cost of hiring an in-house developer versus using freelancers sourced from outsourcing or development services companies.