Building Businesses to 7-figure Wealth by Adam Stone, CEO & Founder

Adam Stone is the CEO and founder of Speedlancer, an online freelance platform for skilled data-entry experts, designers, and experienced writers. Adam is a young entrepreneur who ventured into entrepreneurship at 12 years. He has won numerous accolades during his journey. He tells Geordie what it took to build Speedlancer.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How the company that Adam started at 14 years grew to more than seven figures in revenue and profit while studying
  • How Adam came up with the idea of Speedlancer
  • What makes the Speedlancer system unique?
  • What goals does Speedlancer seek to achieve?
  • Why does a freelancer entrepreneur need money?
  • How Speedlancer is developing its arbitrage
  • What was Adam’s experience at 500 Startups?
  • Importance of networking
  • Challenges that Adam and his team faced at $2500 MRR
  • What problem did Adam solve not long ago that doubled the company’s growth?
  • What plans do Adam and his team have for the future?

In this episode…

The world is evolving fast, and doing business is becoming easier than ever before. Today, you can start and grow your business from the comfort of your home, as was the case with Adam. He was passionate about entrepreneurship ever since he was a kid. He tells Geordie how he started selling toys on eBay, thanks to his supportive parents.

Adam talks about the business he launched at 14 years. He says they grew the company to become one of the leading in the industry. It would later earn more than seven figures in both revenue and profit. Listen to the podcast for more details. Adam says while running a business amid studying was a difficult task but he managed by working with freelancers. It is from his encounters with freelancing platforms that the idea of Speedlancer was born.

Speedlancer specializes in selling predefined workflows to companies and operating them with the help of freelancers. He explains the concept further, and you can find more details by listening to the podcast. Often, entrepreneurs dispose of their businesses even when they are thriving, which happened to Adam’s previous company. Adam says he was sure the business was not going to prosper for long. He also discusses more details that you do not want to miss.

Adam joined 500 Startups by coincidence. He says that a startup meeting in Australia opened an opportunity for him to join 500 Startups at a young age while studying. Then, he neither had revenue nor product then. Listen to his story and learn. Adam also explains why a freelance entrepreneur would want money. He says, building their technology and continued growth requires outside capital. Speedlancer is committed to becoming a mainstream platform that individuals and companies can depend on to get various things done uniquely.

Adam says being at 500 Startups was life-changing. Apart from creating a network of lifetime friends, he explains other things he gained from the event. Listen to the podcast to find them out. Adam tells Geordie that he relied on an international firm to build his MVP, even though growing became challenging along the way. Still, the platform grew fast from $200 to between $3,000 and $3,500 a month in two months. How was this possible?

Adam says that changing their operations model and exposure made a big difference. He explains how he managed to get a journalist to write an article about their platform. This idea helped his company reach many people. He also mentions other robust strategies that he used. Listen to the podcast for more details.

Adam also talks about growing the company from $2500 a month and the challenges they faced. He gives comprehensive information in the podcast that you should hear. Adam also talks about converting his product into recurring revenue. He says some people thought the recurring idea was irrelevant. However, it ended up being easy to manage. Find out more details from the podcast.

What challenges did Adam face with managing the team now that they were working in different time zones? He sights time zones as one of the reasons he is moving from Australia to the USA. He also mentions other challenges in this podcast. Adam says while they have solved many challenges, they are yet to devise a methodology for referrals.

Apart from getting their customers to talk about how Speedlancer is helping them, Adam hopes to get more capital to grow the company. He concludes by saying that they have finally found a strategy to retain their customers. Listen to the podcast to find out what this strategy is.