How to Jump-Start Your 0 – 10k MRR Sales with Manuel Hartmann of

Manuel Hartmann is the founder of the Sales Playbook. The platform provides a sales accelerator to B2B tech startup founders and salespeople unhappy with their existing market grip to enhance profitability. He talks to Geordie about his journey.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Manuel's door to door sales experience background
  • The solution that Salesplaybook offers to customers
  • How do Manuel and his team generate leads?
  • Challenges that Manuel and his team faces
  • Common problems that Manuel and his team deal with
  • Automation tools around LinkedIn that you can use
  • Customization tools that Manuel uses
  • How to compose a good case study

In this episode…

Manuel begins this podcast by mentioning that determining product market fit and validating new markets fast is a subject that Universities do not teach. This realization pushed him into founding the Salesplaybook to help B2B entrepreneurs understand how to grow by between 100 and 500%.

Manuel says his company falls under the sales acceleration and enablement category. They focus on studying market development and marketing trends. Further, they strive to make their solution user-friendly and trustworthy. He talks about the importance of marketing during the initial stages of a SaaS startup. Listen to the podcast for the details.

The journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step, and this is evident from Manuel's sales history. He talks about using various methods to navigate the sales industry and failing numerous times. Listen to the podcast to find out how he finally ended up at Tesla, the lessons he learned, and how he later built sales for a young startup company.

Along the way, Manuel and his team decided to rebrand the startup, and he was responsible for looking for a sales coach. He says he struggled to find a reliable and qualified person the startup could pay with minimal struggle. Manuel says his door-to-door sales experience is an activity he would love to engage in again. Listen to the podcast for comprehensive details on his encounter.

Sales playbook is an all-inclusive coaching package in one-on-one sessions or groups. It comes with a self-learning platform with over 40 actionable templates that users can implement fast. With Salesplaybook, users get access to different coaches, allowing them to broaden their knowledge. Manuel says they have 25 to 250k ticket offerings in America, which he believes sets them apart from competitors. He explains how they get leads in this podcast.

Manuel mentions that they strive to solve various challenges in their day-to-day operations. For example, attracting and retaining excellent salespeople can be a difficult task. He highlights other challenges that you can figure out by listening to the podcast. Together with his team, Manuel engages their clients in a short discovery quiz to highlight their current challenges. The feedback they get helps them figure out the right solution for their clients.

According to Manuel, different customers approach him with different problems based on the stage they are in their startup. He gives more details on this issue that you cannot afford to miss. Many startup entrepreneurs are interested in understanding effective strategies they can adapt to jumpstart their sales. Manuel says that startups should try to reach as many people as possible in a non-salesy way.

Listen to the podcast to understand different automation tools in LinkedIn and how they work. Apart from jumpstarting your MRR sales journey via LinkedIn, Manuel recommends various other sales methods ideal for the USA and Europe. Listen to Manuel breakdown the different methods in this detailed part of the podcast.

Video is a powerful and effective tool that Manuel and his team use to reach potential clients. While this method works, Manuel recommends the best way to use it and explains other customization tools he uses. Learn about them from the podcast. According to Manuel, other top-performing sales strategies include excellent customer service and delivering exceptional results.

Manuel changes his sales approach based on the startup level. He explains why this is the case in the podcast. He concludes the podcast by talking about case studies and some of the main questions you should ask during one. These include: what prevented you from buying initially based on people's perceptions? How did your perception change after you learned more about XYZ? What particular thing do you like? Who recommended XYZ to you? What else would you like to share?