How Chris Gimmer launched and grew using only SEO & content marketing to $20k MRR in 12 months

Chris Gimmer is the co-founder and CEO of The company specializes in creating easy-to-use graphic designs. targets people with no experience in graphic design. Their main customers are social media managers, marketers, small business owners, and anybody else who is interested in creating graphics easily and fast. If you lack enough resources to either outsource or even hire professional graphic designers, then the tool is designed for you. The idea of creating online marketing graphics came up to him while he was on vacation. Listen in to understand how Chris met his co-founder and the journey behind the establishment of

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why are templates important when it comes to creating graphic designs?
  • It is possible to work full-time and still run a business on the side
  • When is it ideal to quit your job and focus on your online business venture?
  • How to get the best out of your online business
  • The importance of rethinking your online business venture
  • How does SEO affect the performance of your website?
  • Can you leverage a comprehensive blog article to promote your online business venture?
  • Why you need to understand your competition first before venturing in any industry
  • What is the importance of surveys when it comes to laying your business foundation
  • Importance of understanding the customer’s pain points
  • Quitting your job to focus on your business. Should you take a long break from work or simply quit?
  • Co-founding a business. How should partners fund their venture?
  • Importance of a landing page
  • How to determine the correct keywords for a website or blog post
  • How much should you charge your customers as a retainer fee?
  • Importance of running case studies and conducting research to establish why customers are using your brand
  • How long should the ideal blog post be?
  • The best content generation strategies to abide by when you’re starting and as the business grows
  • What to do to improve the performance of your business
  • How to choose who to work with for the success of your business
  • The importance of guest posting

In this episode…

What do you need to build your online venture from scratch, to scale it, and finally succeed? This episode takes you through the hassle that the tool went through. Chris Gimmer realized way earlier that he was not meant for the public service even though he had worked for the government for more than five years.

In his quest to do something different, he started researching about online business. He would later meet his co-founder Mark who had also been a government employee but had taken up programming on the side.

Chris and Mark developed a connection and later founded various companies together while still working for the government before finally settling on Snappa. Without any experience in online marketing or SEO, Chris and Mark launched their first business, a student’s online dating website.

Listen as Chris tells Geordie the strategies they used to operate the website and how it faired on. Chris agrees that while the business was growing they had no way of making money from it. This forced them to rethink their operations and in the process, they ventured into research with their main focus on SEO.

In a bid to strategize, the two CEOs launched another website which became a market place for templates. Hear the ongoing discussion as Chris tells Geordie how much revenue they made from the website, the expenses they had to deal with and how much profit they eventually made.

After lengthy deliberations, Chris and Mark decided to venture into another online business that would enable them to increase their earnings. Listen to how conducting surveys helped them along the way, how Chris and Mark managed to oversee the operations of their business while still employed.

How did they navigate through the challenges they faced? Listen to Chris as he shares the story behind their app. With time, Chris mastered the power of keywords in enhancing performance. Listen to him explain how they leveraged keywords to reach a wider audience and boost the performance of their business.

Chris explains how the business broke even and the point at which they managed to hire additional staff. He also discusses the content generation strategy they had in place to reach a wider audience and improve their ranking. Chris and Mark are preparing to launch a new bigger and better product soon.