Inside the mind of mindset business master Dane Maxwell and how he grows multiple profitable businesses at the same time

Dane Maxwell is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who strives to help others navigate challenges in the business industry to achieve success. Dane started establishing companies from a young age. While many of them failed, that did not deter him from pursuing his desire to establish a multi-million dollar company. Some of his companies still exist. Listen as he shares his exciting journey with Geordie Wardman.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What to look out for in a contract crew
  • The book Dane launched. Was it a business model or a passion project?
  • Why entrepreneurs should hire experts to help solve their customer’s painful problems
  • Demonstrating customer results is a critical part of success in business. Find out why.
  • Why entrepreneurs should be intentional about the goals they want to achieve
  • What happened when Dane realized his talent
  • What triggered Dane into writing a book?
  • How did Dane go about writing his book, Start from Zero?
  • When can an entrepreneur hire without struggling with trust issues?
  • Importance of reading books
  • How to make friends with the mind
  • What freedom is
  • Pricing your products

In this episode…

Being passionate about something means going beyond limits to achieve what you desire. This approach is the case of Dane Maxwell, who started out working as a hotel tech support. Dane would later learn business and sales, and marketing before venturing into SaaS development with no tech skills at all.

Dane tells Geordie that many times the brain of an entrepreneur battle to identify that magic point. It is this confusion that deters you from identifying opportunities at the right time. Many times, another brand may crop up and do something differently that transforms the industry, and overtakes your product. According to Dane, as much as what you do matters, how you do it is more crucial. Dane talks about the launch and progress of his book project. Listen in to know everything about it.

Dane ventured into the business world at 22 years old. He believes that had he started earlier, he would probably be worth much more than he is worth today. Listen to his conversation with Geordie as he explains this concept in depth. According to Dane, your consciousness as an entrepreneur can make or break your business. He goes ahead to give a personal example that you need to hear first-hand.

Did you know that you are likely to become what you believe you are? Dane tells Geordie how being bullied from a younger age made him believe he was garbage. Little did he know how talented he was. What happened when he finally understood himself, confronted his fears, and took the initiative to change his belief? Listen to his sentiments and learn from the same.

Dane opines that one of the highest return on investment (ROI) he has ever achieved was from hiring therapists for business matters. You do not want to miss the part where he explains the importance of hiring a reliable, trustworthy therapist. However, he is also quick to mention that finding a good therapist can be a difficult task.

When is the best time to hire, and how do you identify the right person? Dane believes that companies can hire when they have the most leverage. They can also hire when customers come to them in search of solutions. Dane has more to say on this topic that you can only understand by listening to the podcast.

Listen to find out his sentiments on finding the right person to hire. Dane discusses his book, Start from Zero, and explains that it is all about mindset. Listen to the podcast and learn more about this book and why every entrepreneur should read it. Dane explains about identity and how working with it can become poisonous at some point. He opines that identity never makes you happy.

Often, Dane says, many people suffer in pursuit of an end to their current suffering. What happens if you focus your entire mind on this search? Listen to Dane’s answer to this question. Do you want to grow wealth? If you do, you need to listen to Dane as he explains the four brains to grow wealth. Dane says making money is neither mystery nor magic. He says, making money may be the easy part but keeping it can be a difficult task. He tells Geordie how to grow, and keep money.

Marketing is a critical part of business success. Find out how Dane markets his business. Dane and his team have a specific structure for their blogs. You will need to listen to find this out. He also shares about how he finds employees for his SaaS Company. Dane has a free excerpt for his book that you can read before committing yourself to the entrepreneurship world.