How Geoff Atkinson Got His Big Break to Grow the Company to 1.3 Million Annual Recurrent Revenue

Huckabuy is an SEO software as a service company (SaaS) that helps consumers handle the structured data element of their SEO approach. The company understands that many businesses struggle with getting their SEO needs right. They are committed to solving any Technical SEO conversations between a site and Google. Generally, humans spend a lot of time and money on UIUX. Huckabuy handles the user experience design (UX) and user interface design (UI) for Google to give website users the ideal crawl experience. This approach allows users to understand the website with ease. Huckabuy deals with a wide range of customers from different sectors spread across eCommerce, travel, and enterprise. Huckabuy’s biggest customers are companies that specialize in software. Join Geordie Wardman and Geoff Atkinson as they discuss Huckabuy and what it has to offer.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Geoff started on SEO and the importance of structured data
  • Understanding structured data and its impact on a website
  • How structured data helps website owners and internet users
  • Can website owners handle structured data manually?
  • How Huckabuy was established
  • How much did Huckabuy make from their first customer after being licensed as a software company?
  • Investing in product development is important but you should be able to sell the product
  • Importance of product pivoting
  • How the Huckabuy moved from their first customer to the next level
  • When did Huckabuy land SAP?
  • Importance of collaborating with other professionals to build your business
  • What challenges did Huckabuy face along the way?
  • Tools that Huckabuy uses to help consumers monitor progress on their websites
  • What is the importance of a chief technology officer?
  • Importance of networking in business

In this episode…

As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of owning a website. Launching a website for your business is not enough to propel it to your desired heights. You need to understand the evolving world of SEO and how current advancements affect your business.

In this episode, Huckabuy’s Geoff tells George Wardman about structured data in SEO. Join the conversation and figure out what you are doing wrong in your business and what you need to change to get things right.

Before establishing Huckabuy, Geoff was Overstock’s Senior Vice President of Analytics and Marketing. He played a role in developing proficiency in SEO and handled content generation and pricing algorithms. Geoff gained tremendous experience at Overstock that was instrumental in launching and driving Huckabuy to where it is today.

Huckabuy started as a business to customer (B2C) affiliate website that was similar to the Overstock model. Then, Google was opposing affiliate marketing websites. However, Geoff and his team had already developed good SEO software. Geoff would later change the business into a software company. At that time, he focused on generating revenue without realizing how critical software was. Huckabuy got some deals before finally licensing the software company.

Geoff tells Geordie that their first customer was not structured data related. Listen to find out how a simple post on Instagram got Huckabuy their first customer. Like any other start-up business, Huckabuy faced various challenges before stabilizing. Geoff says their biggest test was being unable to show their consumers the actual product. What other difficulties did the company face? Listen in as Geoff shares with Geordie.

Geoff also discusses the company’s transition from having one technical personnel to a team of in-house technical employees led by a chief technical officer (CTO). Find out why you need a team of experienced technical staff for your business. At some point, Geoff opined that Huckabuy needed extra cash, and this is where the idea of partnering with an investor came in.

Geoff tells Geordie how they sailed through finding the right partner and the company’s position at present. Listen to Geoff explain how networking helped them find the right partner. Geoff is a firm believer in helping others without expecting anything in return because it comes back at some point when you need assistance. This belief is why he always strives to assist whenever he can.

What is Geoff’s mantra? He says that some of the most successful partnerships begin with friendship. Helping and connecting with people has made a difference for both Huckabuy and Geoff. Often, you will never know who will help you, and many times the people you help will come back to help you willingly.

Geoff concludes by explaining the importance of running a podcast. Should you embrace podcasting? Can it make a difference in your business? Listen in to find out.