Jeremy Weisz

How Jói Sigurdsson of CrankWheel Bootstrapped his Chrome Extension SaaS from $0 to $36,000 MRR

Jói Sigurdsson is the founder and CEO of CrankWheel, a screen sharing SaaS that's tailor-made for sales professionals. With CrankWheel, marketers can add a visual presentation to any phone call by simply sharing their screen or browser tab. Before CrankWheel, Jói spent nearly 10 years as a senior staff software engineer at Google.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jói Sigurdsson explains the problem that his software CrankWheel solves and the customers it serves 
  • How Jói came up with the idea for CrankWheel 
  • Jói talks about building the initial prototype of his software 
  • How Jói got his software big break and signed on one of his biggest customers
  • Jói explains the different ways he funded CrankWheel
  • The tough path Jói faced after hitting $6000 in MRR
  • How CrankWheel gets customers into its pipeline
  • Jói gives his tips for leveraging event marketing to form new relationships with customers
  • The next phase for CrankWheel

In this episode…

Remote sales work, but they are often still largely inefficient. What if salespeople could share their screen in seconds and complete their pitch without even getting off the phone? 

That’s what Jói Sigurdsson’s SaaS, CrankWheel, is doing for its clients. With this software, prospects can view a shared screen in the middle of a phone call without having to download an app. 

In this episode of The Big Break Software Podcast, Geordie Wardman interviews Jói Sigurdsson about developing his MVP for CrankWheel, reaching his software big break, and growing from $0 to $36,000 MRR all the way from Iceland. Stay tuned.