How Mitch Bowler used Bubble ZeroCode App to Build Evolve Artist and Launch another SaaS in less than 30 days

From an early age, Mitch Bowler already knew that he wanted to become a video game artist. While his vision is no longer the same, Mitch is still enthusiastic about art. He strives to inspire all artists to be better versions of themselves. Mitch shares his journey with Geordie Wardman in this informative podcast that you do not want to miss it.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Mitch became a video game artist
  • Understanding realism and how to learn it within a virtual setting
  • What problem do Mitch and his team solve for their clients?
  • How did Mitch know the problem his clients were facing?
  • How Mitch build his first MVP
  • Why Mitch and his team wanted a custom software solution for their operations so badly
  • The amount of time Mitch took to switch from the Frankenstein to the Bubble app version
  • Why entrepreneurs should invest in a coach
  • Why understanding where your strengths lie is critical in the entrepreneurship world
  • Understanding the concept of time tracking
  • How Mitch incorporated his time tracking spreadsheet into the Bubble app
  • How Mitch and Geordie changed the time tracking spreadsheet into SaaS
  • How to successfully build a SaaS program within 30 days

In this episode…

Having a vision from an early age can be all you need to carve your own career path. Mitch understands this well, seeing that he started his journey as an artist from the age of seven years. He spent lots of time on the farm with his grandfather, from where he learned how to make money from doing a few chores.

Mitch narrates the impact a rumor about a video game that would help artists create their own video games had on him. Listen to the podcast for details on what happened next and Mitch’s journey to being a video game artist.

During his stint in the art industry, Mitch made a decision that saw him quit his corporate job to become a digital nomad. Then, he spent a lot of his time with entrepreneurs trying to understand their journey.

In his quest to discover new things, Mitch struggled to figure out how to develop a guaranteed art program. After around three years of trying, Mitch was unsuccessful. He even tried collaborating with a professional, and still, they could not do it. According to Mitch, the art industry can be challenging.

Mitch says he now understands why parents are hesitant when it comes to sending their kids to art school. Listen in to know his reasons. After years of struggling, Mitch finally found a qualified person who was recruiting 12-year-old children to engage in realistic paintings. He gives a detailed explanation of this concept in this podcast.

Mitch realized that while realism is essential, there was a shortage of teachers. He wanted to devise a system where interested learners could access lessons anywhere just as they would with physical learning. It is at this point that Mitch began assessing technological solutions in the search for a system that would help him actualize his dreams.

His search yielded nothing, and while he had the option of using chat rooms and forums, he knew that was not going to work. Mitch started considering custom solutions that would help him make online learning smooth for everyone.

To succeed in the entrepreneurship world, you should identify your customer’s problems and come up with viable solutions. Mitch already understands what his customers want, and he shares all this information with Geordie in this candid conversation. Listen in and grab a few lessons.

Mitch launched his first MVP on Evolve Artist, his first tool, but later moved it to Bubble. By this time, they had around 100 users and four blocks of curriculum, each of which he charged $300. Mitch says that art students who sign up for his program pay a more affordable price than they would for a physical art college.

Listen to the conversation for more details. Mitch says that building Bubble was a learning process for him, and it took him some time to be comfortable with it. After years of managing the Bubble app, Mitch tells Geordie that he has since become self-sufficient and hardly runs into problems. Geordie and Mitch discuss a SaaS idea that they developed together in less than 30 days. Here, Mitch tells Geordie how he came up with the concept of time tracking.

The discussion at this point is long and engaging, and you do not want to miss it. According to Mitch, knowing how you spend your time changes your relationship with both money and time. It also transforms you into a better decision-maker. Listen to the podcast and understand why a time management tool makes you more efficient.