How Patrick Stiles created a video analytics company and found his 0 to $72,000 MRR in 3 years

Patrick Stiles is the founder of Vidalytics. He prides himself in having 11 years of experience in the entrepreneurship world. Vidalytics is a video hosting, analytics, and marketing platform.

The platform specializes in hosting videos that customers post on their personal websites for marketing purposes. The ideal Vidalytics customer is a small business owner who owns a website and direct response marketers.

Entrepreneurs who are interested in boosting engagement on their platforms will benefit from working with Vidalytics.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • • How Patrick Stiles penetrated the world of video marketing
  • • The impact of video when it comes to increasing sales
  • • How Patrick Stiles obtained funds to keep Viderlytics afloat
  • • What Patrick Stiles has learned while running Viderlytics. Find out what he would do differently if he were to start all over again.
  • • Why you should think twice before taking your business venture public
  • • What you need to develop your platform
  • • The importance of working with a team of professionals in your internet market journey
  • • Challenges Vidalytics faced when trying to penetrate the market
  • • Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected Viderlytics
  • • How collaborating with experts in your area of expertise helps you understand what your audience really wants
  • • Why networking is important for your business especially when you are starting
  • • Patrick’s advice for you if you want to venture in the video marketing industry
  • • Are case studies important? Listen to Patrick as he illustrates the answer using an example

In this episode…

Marketing can be challenging and it takes time before you can convert website hits into sales. Patrick Stiles founded Vidalytics in 2016 to help its customers monitor activity on their websites and improve their conversion rates.

As an entrepreneur, Patrick operated many businesses, some of which are still running and profitable. At some point, he decided that he needed to put all his energy into one business. He used money from one of his companies to start Vidalytics. Unfortunately, the business did not do quite well and this saw Patrick sink deep in debt.

After deliberations with his team, he decided that placing it in the public market was a good idea. Still, the company (Vidalytics) did not perform according to Patrick’s expectations and this is where he knew he needed to do something. Listen in to find out what happened next and hear Patrick as he discusses the components of a good video. What differentiates one video from the other? How long should the ideal video be?

Patrick also shares what success in the marketing realm means from his perspective. He says, there are different ways of defining success in the marketing industry especially in terms of ads. He reiterates that increased ads on your website are an indication that your venture is doing well.

Is there a defined method of making videos that convert? Patrick is certain that you only need to learn your audience and understand what they need. Once you collect this information you can customize videos that your audience wants to see repeatedly. Hear all about it as Geordie Wardman extracts valuable information from Patrick.

Will your business venture pick up immediately? Patrick discusses how he struggled to finally bring Vidalytics to its feet. From trying webinars that bore little fruit to allowing people to sign up for free which later on turned to be a disaster. Listen in to find out how the situation went from zero sign-ups to many people registering for accounts.

You will learn how to create videos that convince your customers to want to buy from you. Patrick says people tend to buy emotionally rather than logically. As a video creator, you want to speak to your customers' emotions in order to convert their clicks into sales and scale your business.

What Sets Vidalytics Apart from their Competitors?

Vidalytics performs case studies with their customers. This has been instrumental in helping them understand what their customers should do to improve the performance of marketing strategies. Patrick says that Viderlytics provides tools their customers need to figure out which part of their marketing videos is converting customers.

This is a proper way of letting the customer establish areas they need to improve on to meet customer expectations. The platform allows customers to monitor how the platform works before they can invest with them. Vidalytics has no plans of expanding in the near future. Instead, they want to focus on growing their audience at the moment in a bid to scale the platform further.