How Stefan Koenig helped pivot from near failure to one of the top leaders in the CDP space

Stefan Koenig says that Hull is one of the most powerful customer data management platforms helping customers integrate their data and send it to their different stacks to ensure the right tool presents the right data. They also work with their customers to ensure their data is up to date. Their main objective is to ensure that company tools work together in harmony to maximize customer experience.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Who Stefan Koenig is, his main customers, and the problems he helps them solve
  • Stefan Koenig’s journey working in various positions in different companies
  • What does
  • What their CDMP (Customer Data Management Platform) does
  • Why companies should invest in CDM
  • What Hull specialized in before embracing the new platform and why they chose to adopt gamification and identity management
  • How Facebook can be instrumental in reaching targeted audiences
  • What the company did to pivot
  • What Stefan would have done differently if he was to start all over again
  • Hull’s payment terms and the amount you need to pay to enjoy their services
  • How and when went into venture capital
  • What’s a technical stack?
  • What’s the connector framework and how does it work?
  • Growth in sales and marketing. What’s their ideal marketing channel?
  • What’s Stefan and his team doing to cope with the current uncertain times of Covid-19?
  • What strategy is Stefan and his team doing to identify and convert customers?

In this episode…

Stefan explains that testing service before you can finally pivot is important. This is because it allows service providers to experience the service first hand. This way, they’ll be certain that their products indeed work which in turn cuts down customer complaints.

Stefan explains that, reaching targeted audiences is critical in today’s fast-growing digital world. He reiterates that Facebook is a great platform that companies can use to reach target audiences. What did Hull do to pivot? According to Stefan, the company took the time to evaluate its stack and figure out its components.

The company mainly focused on areas where they were skilled and were assured of succeeding with minimal struggle. He goes on to explain that his understanding, experience, and background of development and gamification came in handy to help the company grow.

Stefan, having been in the business integration world for many years has gained tremendous experience that modern-day companies can leverage on for growth. He also reminisced on how in his previous positions they had automated their business processes. He’s of the opinion that companies can benefit from automating logistic processes beyond their internal operations.

Stefan tells Geordie that, Hull adopted new tools to create a feature similar to what they previously had while using the integration challenges as a stepping stone. His team was convinced they could leverage their identity resolution processes to learn how to collect and test customer data.

Stefan also explains the importance of outsourcing services when he notes that Hull had to pitch the data integration idea to some companies that had already adopted the system. Should you raise capital to help steer your idea and bring it into reality? Stefan seems to agree. He mentioned that they raised capital through the help of their friends and family members that helped them lay their foundation.

From his experience gained from founding the company, Stefan opines that entrepreneurs should take time to test the product before releasing it to the market. He mentions that Hull first ventured into the market with limited features and only upgraded once they gained some customers.

Stefan says that they were hesitant before going into venture capital. They were convinced that they could waste a lot of important time there but still took up the challenge. First, they collaborated with individuals who supported their vision. The company would later raise a significant amount of money from the collaboration. According to Stefan, there’s no designated timing for success.

Your company can become the best in the industry within a short time. He goes on to say that entrepreneurs should be determined to succeed. He believes, commitment comes naturally when you have a goal to look forward to. You’ll also need to have someone cheering you to go on no matter how tough the journey becomes. is at a point where they are adopting advanced technology to enhance the customer experience. Stefan notes that content remains one of their most powerful marketing tools. He’s certain that educating and nurturing potential customers is critical. He maintains that their content is aimed at targeted accounts.

Stefan is convinced that while the world is currently dealing with uncertainty, we can also come out of it stronger, more empathetic and better individuals.