How to 10x your SaaS business with M & A expert Chris Daigle

Chris Daigle boasts many years of experience in M & A digital marketing, business development, and business management industries. Today, he is a leading strategic advisor and growth architect. Chris is committed to helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses. He talks to Geordie about his journey. Listen to the podcast and take away some valuable lessons.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why rapid growth can be chaotic for companies
  • How the entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) works
  • Importance of planning in business
  • Importance of thinking in entrepreneurship
  • What does Chris look for in potential clients?
  • What strategy does Chris use to help clients increase the valuation of their companies?
  • Why every entrepreneur should know their conversion numbers

In this episode…

Chris always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur from his fifth-grade days when he sold candy bars from his locker. He says that experience opened his eyes to the world of possibilities.

At the age of 20, Chris was already running a restaurant, but he was yearning to go to Silicon Valley and learn about technology. Chris would later land in Silicon Valley, where he had an excellent time. Listen to the podcast and get more details about his experience and the lessons he learned.

Amidst business growth, Chris says, entrepreneurs should devise ways to maintain sanity and prevent chaos. A chaotic situation not only stalls development but also may result in business failure.

Chris mentions that he has spent the last 20 years enhancing his methodology and devising new strategies to scale companies while ensuring that the scaling is valuable. He highlights a specific quote in the podcast that every entrepreneur should listen to. Chris also explains how he collaborates with company owners to help them recognize opportunities.

Together with his team, Chris leverages this strategy to propel companies from seven to nine figures within a record 36 months. Listen to him as he illustrates his magic methodology in this podcast. EOS (entrepreneurial operating system) is designed to give businesses a robust framework to assess their day-to-day operations. Chris talks about the system in depth in this podcast and you cannot afford to miss it.

Why do you need a plan for your business? It allows you to achieve your target goals fast, and will still be available when you are not. At some point, Chris discusses the shower time concept, in relation to having a plan, an idea that he got from his friend Justin. Get details of this exciting story from the podcast.

Who is Chris’s ideal client? He says, his perfect client is someone who is looking for more than just money. He breaks down the components of his ideal client, and you need to listen to the podcast to understand them clearly. Chris also talks about thinking and why doing so is critical.

Asking critical questions is crucial for business success. Chris says the quality of your questions determines the quality of the results. He gives an example of growing a business double forth. To achieve valuable growth, entrepreneurs must work as hard as their anticipated growth. Listen to the podcast to understand Chris’s perception of how this concept works.

How does Chris’s strategy accelerate business growth? Results depend on the business level. For example, he says, if your business has already hit seven figures, that indicates the market has identified something valuable from your enterprise.

A lot goes into growing a business, and while Chris will not tell entrepreneurs what to do, he assists them in asking the right questions to facilitate growth. Are you an upcoming entrepreneur? Get some examples of those questions from the podcast.

Chris explains the strategy he uses to encourage entrepreneurs to ask the right questions that facilitate businesses growth. How does he tell whether a system is working or not? Chris has mastered the art of asking specific questions. He supports his answer with an example which you can listen to from the podcast.

Instead of focusing on scaling the business only, Chris says he strives to help entrepreneurs evaluate and stabilize their successful strategies. He explains this method further in the podcast. Affiliate marketing is still significant in today’s world. Chris mentions that he collaborates with affiliate marketers and describes how he executes the process. If you are considering affiliate marketing, you do not want to miss this section of the podcast.

Chris concludes the podcast by giving listeners some advice he has acquired from working with diverse clients. These are; watch your language and monitor the questions that run through your mind. He expounds on this advice, and you can get valuable insights from the podcast.