From hackathon idea to 3,000 users in the first 12 months with creator David Okuniev

For David Okuniev, his entrepreneurship journey came from his passion for music. He would later join brand and product design, a venture that saw him launch a design studio. It is in his studio that he met Robert Muñoz, and together they co-founded Typeform. Listen to David as he shares his journey with Geordie.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How David transitioned from music to design
  • How David met his co-founder and the first project that they did together
  • What was the rolling out process for Typeform like?
  • How did David come up with the Video Ask idea?
  • How Video Ask operates in collaboration with Typeform
  • What is a hackathon according to David's terms, and how do they execute it in the company?
  • Events that led to the formation of Video Ask
  • Why David separated Typeform from Video Ask
  • How did David come up with the pricing options for the Video Ask product?
  • What characters does David look out for when interviewing developers?
  • What challenges has David faced since the launch of Video Ask?
  • Marketing strategies that David and his team are using to scale the company and stay ahead of their competitors

In this episode…

The activities you engage in now could what defines your future in the entrepreneurship world. David was not aware that his passion could pave the way for him to penetrate the world of design.

The experience that David gained during his singing days came in handy to give him tangible ideas for his business. Listen to this intriguing podcast and understand how he moved from singing to design.

David says that he specialized in music production, which involves assembling and layering things. He says there is a connection between music and design because both procedures are about building something. His co-founding journey did not just stem out of nowhere. First, he became an agency owner before finally meeting his co-founder.

David tells Geordie that the Typeform idea happened by mistake. He explains the details that led to the establishment of the company. Listen to the podcast and learn some lessons from his explanation.

You will be surprised to learn that David and his co-founder never invested in the project. How then did they pull through? He explains everything about it in the podcast. David mentions that he recently stepped down as co-CEO of Typeform to focus on other products. While he is now working on Video Ask, David says he is still very involved in the running of Typeform. He goes ahead to explain what Video Ask is all about. Listen to the podcast to get all the details.

Today, modern customer expectations are high, and companies need to interact with their customers more to remain afloat. David explains that Video Ask seeks to help entrepreneurs have meaningful relationships with their consumers. If you are an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to miss this conversation.

David took time to plan and strategize before finally launching Video Ask. He tells Geordie how together with his team, they left the idea pending for a whole year before finally picking it up. Even after launching the venture, they would have to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic challenge. What has the Video Ask journey been so far? Listen to this engaging podcast to get the answers.

Currently, Video Ask enjoys a subscriber base of up to 3,000 customers. David says they have both paid plans and a free plan. Listen to the podcast to understand how each plan works. David also explains how he came up with pricing options for the plans. What does David and his team do when it comes to designing? He says they aim at delivering a product that is not only clear but one that is understandable and appealing.

Customers today are looking for ideal solutions that they can use to maneuver from one area to the other. David and his team understand this too well, which is why they are committed to customizing the product to fit different needs.

David gives a practical example of how the system works, and you want to get it straight from the horse's mouth. If you are a developer, you will benefit from David’s nuggets of wisdom, as he talks about characteristics of the ideal developer. Listen in and determine what you should improve on to become more competitive. David says he still has unfinished business with the companies, and he is not planning to quit anytime soon.