Top SaaS Conference Episode

Apart from, Geordie Wardman has founded five companies and sold three. He is a software expert who has been in the industry for two decades now. He talks to Jeremy Weiss about top SaaS conferences in Europe.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Some of the leading SaaS conferences
  • Why you should consider attending conferences
  • Why does Geordie like small conferences?

In this episode…

Conferences are crucial for both established and novice entrepreneurs in the SaaS industry. Apart from meeting people from different parts of the world, entrepreneurs get an opportunity to network and share new ideas. Many entrepreneurs even develop bonds that lead to business conferences.

Geordie says as much as he adores conferences, he never gets to attend enough of them. However, he plans to start attending leading SaaS conferences in Europe. Top on his list is the SaaStock conference that Alex Duma runs. You will need to part with 750 Euros to participate in this conference. Geordie mentions that the price is reasonable based on the value you will get. Attending this SaaS conference allows you to meet excellent and resourceful keynote speakers.

The SaaStock conference takes place in Dublin, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. According to Geordie, some of the top software experts who speak at the conference include Aaron Krall, a conversion expert, SaaS development hacker, and email marketer. Dan Martell, the founder of clarity, a leading investor, and a SaaS business coach who coaches top-achieving SaaS founders, also speaks at the conference. Geordie reiterates that SaaStocks is one of the top conferences you should not miss.

Geordie is quick to mention that there are other key SaaS conferences you should know. He talks about SaaStr Europe. SaaStr is a unique non-vendor region where SaaS institutions converge to learn and develop their businesses through events, content, and teamwork. Jason Lemkin, who also founded SaaStr, runs the massive SaaS show in the USA.

According to Geordie, SaaStr is currently giving out some special offers with tickets going for $400. He says this amount is cost-friendly for a SaaS conference. Attending SaaS conferences exposes you to the world of technology, and as Geordie says in this podcast, you could even meet your development team there. Listen to Geordie as he gives more reasons why you should attend SaaS conferences.

Growth marketing stage is another top SaaS conference that Geordie recommends, even though he is yet to attend it. It takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine. Geordie says that while it is small, he still considers it cost-effective and among the best in Europe. To attend this conference, you will need $200, which Geordie calls excellent value.

Kyiv, Geordie says, is a hotspot for development. Are you looking forward to changing your development team or venturing into SaaS? The growth marketing stage should be a must-attend conference. Listen to the podcast to find out what you stand to gain from attending the SaaS conference. Some big companies attend the growth marketing stage conference, such as Adobe, Dropbox, and Nike.

SaaS monster is another top conference. It happens to be among the leading SaaS conferences worldwide, linking over 5,000 CTOs and CIOs, established companies and startups, sellers and buyers, and investors and experts. Geordie says the SaaS monster is an offshoot of Web summit, a conference that brings together companies and people changing the local technology industry.

Web Summit will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, sometime this year. The SaaS part of this conference attracts numerous attendees each year. The comprehensive web summit attracts big corporate companies. Find out which companies these are from the podcast.

Geordie mentions Microconf, a leading and trusted community for non-venture SaaS founders. Rob Wallings collaborated with other co-founders to organize this conference that takes place in Croatia. He and his team put together excellent speakers like Mike Taber and a group from Hubspot.

B2B Rocks, in Paris, Europe, is a top SaaS and B2B conference. Geordie says B2B Rocks charges are friendly at $500. This conference focuses on all SaaS features. Listen to the podcast to understand some of these features. Geordie mentions the Pipeline Summit, a meeting he attended in Poland. He says he met the founders of some of the biggest techno-firms. Listen to what Geordie has to say about his experience in Poland. He also mentions some of the companies he interacted with then.

Geordie concludes by saying that attending conferences is critical for networking and marketing. Consider attending any of these shows, especially if you want to work with different experts from various parts of the world.