The Do’s and Don’ts of Content Marketing With Market Expert & Saas Provider Steve Pockross of

Steve Pockross is the CEO of, a multimedia content creation platform that focuses on SEO and quality writing. Steve has more than 20 years of experience in startups and nonprofit organizations. He was part of the initial management team at LiveOps and has led five marketing and SaaS businesses previously. He shares his journey with Geordie Wardman in this engaging podcast.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What problem does Steve and his team solve for their customers?
  • Understanding market 2.0
  • Key pain points of getting the ideal content creator
  • How does operate?
  • Challenges that Steve experienced when he first joined
  • Strategies that Steve used to achieve his goals for the company
  • Importance of organic traffic for businesses
  • What services does offer?
  • Other marketing initiatives and channels that Steve and his team use
  • How Steve and his team handled challenges brought about by the ongoing global challenge

In this episode…

Content creation is fast becoming essential, especially now that the world is struggling with a global pandemic. Businesses have had to change the way they operate to stay afloat. If you are an entrepreneur, then this podcast will help you understand the importance of content and how you can use it to drive sales.

Steve says that his target customers are digital marketers who specialize in inbound content marketing. If you are struggling to create quality content that gets to your audience at different inbound funnel levels, then you will highly benefit from this podcast. While creating content consistently can be a problem, Steve mentions that maintaining quality is what many of their customers struggle with.

If you are wondering why people create content, then Steve gives a comprehensive explanation in this podcast. He also explains the crowdsourcing model and how it has evolved over the years to incorporate Saas technology. Listen to this podcast and understand how you can adopt the same model within your establishment.

Steve believes in defying common knowledge to come up with unique ideas that deliver quality. This fact is evident in his explanation of the market 2.0 model. Listen to Steve as he shares his views with Geordie. He says there are tremendous opportunities that companies can leverage to come up with models that work best for their needs.

Steve talks about some of these strategies in the podcast, and you cannot afford to miss his insightful details. How does work? Steve as he breaks down how the platform works. He also points out notable differences between the platform and other similar platforms in the market today.

At some point, Steve looks back at the events that followed his appointment at Listen to his narration on this podcast and gather some valuable lessons. Steve says he was tasked with taking over the company and growing it. Seeing that he had no prior experience with a bootstrap company, he experienced a few challenges. He lays them bare in this podcast, and you can only understand them by listening. Steve and his team came up with a robust strategy to facilitate growth in the company.

What strategies were these? Listen in to find out. Steve gives numerous practical examples within the podcast that make it worth listening to. You will have an easy time identifying with both the theory and practical sessions of this podcast. How did Steve find ways to scale? He says that he first thought about improving the quality of the product the company was offering.

Apart from quality content, Steve says their clients measure them depending on the flexibility, scalability, and user experience of their platform. He discusses other things he thought of doing to improve their services in detail. You will get all this information from listening to the podcast.

Steve talks about the tremendous marketing strategies they had in place before the ongoing global pandemic brought them to a halt. He says, at some point, they had no marketing strategy at all, and they had to go back to the drawing board. Listen in to find out how he managed to come up with even more robust strategies to scale the company.

Steve reiterates that content is today a more effective marketing channel than was the case a few years ago. He lists down some of the benefits that entrepreneurs can gain from using content as a marketing strategy. Steve also talks about the crucial content trends that you should know. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Steve advises you to work with experts and focus on what you are good at. He concludes by highlighting some powerful SEO tools every content creator should consider.