How Aaron Ross Grows his SaaS Clients to $1m ARR or More Through Outbound Marketing

While many people call it an outdated strategy, outbound marketing remains a popular form of persuasive communication for approaching customers. Marketers can use it to inform customers about their services and products. The main idea of outbound marketing is to generate sales: Aaron Ross, an outbound marketing expert, talks to Geordie about his journey.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Difference between organic growth and proactive growth
  • What are the different cold calling techniques available?
  • How does Predictive Revenue operate?
  • Importance of targeting the right companies
  • Data cleaning strategies
  • Why knowing your prospects is crucial

In this episode…

The journey to successful entrepreneurship can be challenging, based on Aaron’s story. He talks about starting a tech company that would later fail despite his engineering background. He later opted to learn sales, out of which he formed a team which he says executed outbound prospecting in a very predictive way.

While he struggled to help his team achieve double growth, something good came out of his effort. Find out about it from the podcast. He would later start a successful consulting company.

According to Aaron, hitting 30,000 MRR is not proof enough that an entrepreneur has established a product-market fit. He opines there is a difference between organic growth and proactive growth, explains these concepts, and talks about product channel fit. Listen to the podcast and learn.

Aaron says his specialty is outbound selling and prospecting. In the outbound prospecting approach, humans are involved in deciding the companies you want to target. How do marketers identify suitable companies? Aaron mentions three crucial channels, which you can figure out from the podcast. He talks about the process of handling customers from the beginning to the end.

According to Aaron, many clients may not beware that they do not need outbound prospecting in the first place. Listen to the podcast for his explanation of this concept. When it comes to outbound prospecting, getting your target company right is critical.

Aaron opines that what you say on the phone, Email, or LinkedIn does not matter if you target the wrong companies. Are you looking for the ideal strategy of getting your outbound prospecting and marketing right? Aaron speaks about three steps you should follow, which you can learn from the podcast.

To get a good return on investment from outbound prospecting, you must have a specific type of customer. What’s more, that customer must pay you otherwise you will hardly make any money. Aaron gives an illustration in this podcast that you must listen to.

What tools can you use to understand your customers? Aaron says there are numerous tools in the market today, and choosing the right one can be difficult. He recommends identifying three suitable tools and testing them to see what best meets your needs. Outbound marketing strategies can lead you to find the ideal customer, but you will also need the right tools to build your lists.

To determine the effectiveness of your lists, you will need to send messages through your preferred communication channel. For example, Aaron says you could send 100 emails that do not bounce. If you receive no response at all, that could indicate that the strategy does not work. However, if you receive even one positive response, that would be a good start.

Aaron says that the testing process is more time-consuming than many people realize as he breaks down the process in the podcast. Listen to this section keenly to grasp the details. Getting an outbound prospecting email right is not an easy task. Aaron talks about the different factors you should consider before you can start writing.

He also discusses strategies you should use to figure out the effectiveness of the Email and recognize mistakes before sending it to your target customers. Listen to the podcast for all these comprehensive details.

According to Aaron, an effective cold email should be between 300 and 500 characters. Focus on delivering a short and precise email that the target people will not find boring. Aaron says there are various effective calls to action you can use and gives examples in the podcast. He reiterates that the number of cold emails you send per day varies. However, Aaron recommends between 6 and 8 cold emails, but you can still send more.

Cold calling is another outbound prospecting strategy that marketers can use. However, it takes lots of learning to get right. Listen to Aaron’s cold calling tips on this podcast. Aaron concludes by talking about practical SaaS books you should read.