The 3 essential questions you need to ask yourself before you launch your next SaaS with Joe Sanok

Joe defines himself as an accidental entrepreneur whose parents were school system workers. He grew up knowing that he had to work hard at school to get excellent grades to get a good job. However, Joe was committed to taking a different route, as we shall learn from this podcast.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What problems does Joe solve for his customers?
  • How Joe started his podcast
  • What is the core of Joe’s business?
  • Why searching for curiosity, ideas, and information outside your field is critical for the success of your business
  • Importance of professional branding
  • About the Family Medical Leave Act. What does it entail, and how does it operate?
  • How Joe generated leads
  • Joe’s strategy for content production and SEO
  • How does Joe leverage content from his podcast to create different materials for a wide range of platforms?
  • Who is the Ideal Joe Sanok’s client?
  • What is Joe's definition of the big idea?
  • Importance of outsourcing
  • What you should do before
  • Long term habits you need to succeed
  • Joe’s lead magnet course
  • Importance of life blocking

In this episode…

Joe started his career working at nonprofit organizations and a local community college. He would later launch private practice as a side job, where together with his team they helped people solve different issues. Some of these issues were depression, marital problems, and anxiety.

Along the way, Joe discovered that he had zero experience in entrepreneurship. Armed with the desire to learn and enhance his knowledge, Joe started researching and learning. The thought of starting a podcast crossed his mind during that time. What method did Joe use when starting his podcast? Listen in and find out.

After operating the podcast for some time, Joe decided to quit his fulltime job gradually while paying more time to the podcast. Joe explains that many people do not know how to use their time well and only operate through the society’s manual.

According to Joe, this is not always the best method of doing things. Listen to Joe as he gives further details about this concept. He also discusses the timeframes within which he transitioned from his fulltime job to podcasting.

When Joe finally decided that podcasting was what he wanted to do he had to do things differently. He hired a professional to redesign his website and also had his logo professionally made to give his brand an authentic look. Joe also discusses how he catered for the medical requirements of his pregnant wife. Listen in to get comprehensive information.

At some point, Joe had to quit his fulltime job entirely, and he explains how he did it in the podcast. When it comes to SEO, Joe says they have a team that has excellent copywriting skills and experience. He tells Geordie about the strategy he uses when interviewing his guests to get as comprehensive information as possible.

Joe says that he only works three days a week and explains why. He mentions that before adopting any big idea, it is critical to have sufficient space to ensure employees can work comfortably and with minimal distractions. He talks about a saying that they use as their guiding principle and a course he defines as their lead magnet. Listen to the podcast to figure it out. You will also get comprehensive details on how Joe developed his MVP.

At some point, Geordie seeks to figure out how he (Joe) managed to convince his clients to pay colossal amounts of money. To this, Joe says that people will be willing to pay more for implementation as opposed to information only. Joe says that entrepreneurs should invest in the implementation process to charge more.

How does Joe assist clients who want software as a service models? He admits that he has no experience in matters technology but he always refers clients to techno-savvy experts. Joe says he is happy with outsourcing his client’s technology-based needs and tells Geordie why he chooses that path. Listen keenly to find out why.

According to Joe, entrepreneurs should only focus on only what they can do and not tasks they can easily outsource. Find out his explanation for this from the podcast. Joe reiterates the importance of meetings, especially if a company has a new assistant. He says, not only do they create an opportunity to receive feedback, but they also help people communicate with one another effectively. “Assess how you are using your time” is Joe’s message to anyone who is looking forward to launching their big idea.