Should you use SAFE Priced Equity or use a Convertible Note to Fund Your SaaS with Leslee Cohen

Leslee Cohen has more than 20 years of experience working as a securities and corporate lawyer in established law firms. Her firm has set up and managed women’s initiatives at a key Chicago law firm for more than 10 years. She is committed to serving businesses and helping them achieve their corporate legal obligations. She speaks to Geordie about her journey.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The three sections of Leslee’s practice
  • Why Leslee enjoyed working with startups
  • At what phase in their businesses do Leslee’s customers come to her?
  • How Leslee deals with different clients based on their individual business needs
  • Why Leslee likes the law set up in Delaware
  • How to go about finding a co-founder
  • What happens in co-owned businesses when one partner wants to buy it out?
  • Why co-founders disagree and finally break up, and how to avoid such a scenario
  • Common miscommunications that co-founders face
  • How Vesting equity works
  • How to structure majority ownership
  • What it takes for foreigners to set up a company in the USA
  • What are convertible notes and safe priced equity?
  • How do you determine equity?

In this episode…

Often, where you spend most of your time becomes the source of inspiration for starting and building a successful business. Leslee spent many years on Wall Street, where she specialized in acquisitions, mergers, and IPOs.

She would later spend another 13 years in Chicago practicing law for privately-owned large businesses and publicly traded microcap companies. From working with small and large companies, Leslee developed a passion for working with startups and entrepreneurs.

Leslee's passion saw her, and a partner start a firm to work with startup companies while charging them affordable fees. Leslee says that working with small groups gives her satisfaction. She mentions that startup entrepreneurs are not only excited about their businesses, but also have new ideas. Leslee loves the fact that startup entrepreneurs look forward to making a difference and changing the world instead of focusing on corporate culture. Listen to the podcast to understand what drives Leslee into working with small groups.

Leslee tells Geordie that many of her customers come to her at the inaugural phase of their businesses. Often, they will have a co-founder and their well-baked idea ready. Many times they will be seeking to understand how to get their first potential customer. Sometimes they will be seeking Leslee’s assistance to raise fees. She explains various best-case scenarios that you should hear from the podcast.

Starting a business can be challenging, forcing many entrepreneurs to want to raise funds at some point. Leslee believes that having a co-founder is critical, especially when it comes to raising funds. She gives more details about this matter, and you can only grab them by listening to the podcast.

Finding a co-founder with whom you share the same interests is not easy. Leslee discusses various tips about choosing a co-founder. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you do not want to miss this part of the podcast. Leslee speaks in-depth about ownership, co-founder agreement, and how to solve disputes. She also discusses various factors that may affect a co-owned business. Listen to the podcast for more details on this crucial matter.

Just like any other relationship, co-founders disagree and sometimes break up. When such happens, the business is likely to suffer. Why does this happen, and how can co-founders avoid it. Listen to Leslee as she gives a comprehensive example of this scenario. She also talks about how aspiring co-founders can prevent it.

Not many people like accepting liability and this can affect the business. According to Leslee, potential entrepreneurs should outline each other’s responsibilities. They should also explain what each person depends on to add value to the business. She discusses other factors to consider before starting a co-founded business. Listen to the podcast to find those out.

Leslee says she is passionate about vesting equity. She explains this concept in detail, and you can find these by listening to the podcast. Leslee tells Geordie what it takes to raise equity and also talks about convertible notes and a safe. This part of the podcast is detailed, and you can only get the crucial components by listening.

According to Leslee, safe comes with lots of advantages. She says she guides her clients and ensures they understand some of the best money-raising practices. She also links them up with some high net worth people who love partnering with startup entrepreneurs and supporting them.

Leslee concludes by saying that disclosure is critical, whether you specialize in convertible notes giving multiple promissory notes, shares, or safe. She also mentions how to handle safe priced equity securely, and you cannot afford to miss this part. Leslee agrees that safe priced equity is ideal for people who need to raise funds for their startups.