Exploring SaaS Opportunities in the Customer Data Platform Space with mParticle CEO, Michael Katz

Michael Katz is the CEO and founder of mParticle, an established startup in the customer data platform space. Michael has had a lot of experience raising investment funds, taking a company public, making big exits, and even starting all over again.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Michael Katz talks about his software entrepreneurship journey and how he started mParticle
  • What Michael wanted to do after selling his former company to Yahoo for $270 million
  • How Michael set up a new team to build one of the world's first customer data platforms
  • Michael talks about raising $4.5 million to seed capital for his new company and why he's putting long term plans on hold
  • Michael discusses the target clients of mParticle and their advantage over other competitors in the industry
  • Michael talks about SaaS opportunities in the customer data space
  • The different places where you can source data for your business
  • What Michael does as a mentor on TechStars
  • Michaels shares what he looks for in a mentor

In this episode…

Great companies in the tech space take pride in their people and the proprietary data they are able to collect. But not every company is able to collect and analyze the type of data required to grow their business. And according to Michael Katz, this opens up a stream of SaaS opportunities in the customer data space.

In this episode of the Big Break Software podcast, Geordie Wardman interviews Michael Katz of mParticle about how he started and raised capital for his SaaS company, the SaaS opportunities in the data space, his role as mentor on Techstars, and more. Stay tuned.