Helping Saas Founders Scale Their Businesses, with Aaron Krall of The SaaS Accelerator

Aaron Krall is a SaaS consultant & the Founder of The SaaS Accelerator, a coaching mentoring program for SaaS founders. He helps them implement systems and processes into their businesses to scale faster and more predictably.  Aaron also runs a Facebook group called SaaS Growth Hacks which has around 16,000 SaaS founders and marketers.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [01:05] Aaron's background & work
  • [03:11] How Aaron got into SaaS & forming a Facebook group
  • [08:16] Picking out a niche
  • [12:53] How Aaron started getting traction with his Facebook group 
  • [17:59] Aaron's experience & advice for managing a Facebook group
  • [22:12] The biggest challenges for SaaS founders
  • [25:25] Aaron's resources

In this episode…

Having a Facebook group can be a great thing for SaaS founders & SaaS marketers. It's a good strategy for capturing leads, converting leads, getting customers, and retaining these customers. 

To have a successful group, there are a number of things you need to do, such as promoting community engagement when they join, and making them feel welcome and relevant.

These are some of the strategies Aaron uses to help SaaS founders scale their businesses with his program.

This week, host Geordie Wardman has a chat with Aaron Krall about his decision to move from working in digital marketing to the SaaS niche, the biggest challenges SaS founders experience, and how he started his Facebook group.