How Matt Barnett Launched The MVP for Bonjoro in Two Weeks & Building Brand Culture

Matt Barnett is the Founder of Bonjoro, which is a way to personalize your email drip sequences with personalized video messages. He is an industrial designer by trade who ended up in the tech industry. He is also a photographer & Brit living in Australia.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [01:13] Geordie introduces his guest, Matt Barnett
  • [03:23] How Matt came up with the idea for Bonjoro
  • [06:03] Matt talks about having a remote team, how he fosters teamwork and how he keeps his team members motivated
  • [10:41] Matt shares why he got investors to bootstrap MVP and how he raised seed capital
  • [14:29] Matt discusses his business strategy
  • [16:13] Matt talks about the early days of his startup and the moment he realized that things were really starting to pick up
  • [19:41] Matt discusses their ideal business client or avatar, and how they market and reach out to them
  • [25:18] Matt talks about the group of founders he is a part of in Australia
  • [30:40] Matt's best  advice for people getting into SaaS and the importance of looking at your skills in order to get ideas for your business
  • [32:53] Matt talks about how to set the price points for your products or services, and how to use data when adjusting them
  • [38:38] Matt discusses the tools that his company uses to analyze data and his key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • [42:55] Matt shares the conferences he attends and recommends
  • Matt's advice for people who want to start a business: start yesterday and don't worry about building the right product right away

In this episode…

What are you good at? What are the things that you want to find a resolution to that nobody else seems to be invested in resolving? These are the questions that led Bonjoro founder, Matt Barnett, into the creation of the company that makes use of quick, easy, and seamlessly video messaging to help you connect to your target audience.

For Matt, starting your business means starting it yesterday. There's no today or tomorrow, you need to just get on to it and work on it as it goes. He believes that nothing is perfectly perfect at the beginning but you can hone it, improve it, and make it into the answer that you need for the question that you've been asking: how do you make this better?

In this episode, Geordie talks to Matt about how he started his business, how he was able to zero in on the idea for his business, how they were able to set up the right customer avatar to make their business flourish, and the best way to get things off the ground. It's an amazingly packed episode filled with learnings from personal experiences and successes through failures so make sure to tune in.