How to Find a Problem for Your SaaS Market with Omer Khan of The SaaS Podcast

Omer Khan is a SaaS podcaster and founder of the SaaS platform Prestopod where he helps podcasters plan, organize and publish podcasts. He also runs a coaching program called the SaaS club where he helps new and early-stage SaaS founders build and grow their business.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Getting to know Omer Khan the developer turned podcaster and SaaS founder
  • Why Omer decided to start a podcast and why it's crucial to his business model
  • Omer talks about building and monetizing a membership platform and the lessons he learned about finding a problem that's worth solving
  • Mistakes SaaS startups make over and over again
  • How early-stage SaaS startups can reach and communicate with their customers
  • Identifying and picking a niche for your product
  • Omer talks about how to conduct an effective outreach
  • How to gauge the severity of a problem your product is trying to solve 
  • Omer talks about the book The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick as a great resource for early-stage startup founders to ask better questions and dig deeper when finding a problem to solve
  • Omer offers takeaway steps early-stage startup founders can take now to build their business

In this episode…

Many early-stage SaaS startup founders are typically more driven by the idea and the product than figuring out whether they have a problem that's worth solving. And so when these startup founders go into their launch program they soon realize that they either do not have the roadmap to move the business from point A to point B, or they've built a product that does not solve the right problem. Having been there himself, Omer Khan talks about how founders can find the problem and create the right product for the SaaS market.

Omer Khan is a SaaS founder himself and a consultant to early-stage SaaS founders, helping them build and grow their business by providing content, community, and coaching.

Omer sits down with Geordie Wardman in this week's episode of The Big Break Software podcast to talk about his long term career in the software industry, going solo as a podcaster and SaaS founder, the mistakes early-stage startup SaaS founders make, and how they can identify problems in the market to solve. Stay tuned.