How ZenMaid Became a Top Solution for Maid Cleaning Services with Amar Ghose

Amar Ghose is the CEO of ZenMaid, a contract management software for maid services. Amar founded ZenMaid in 2013 with his partner Arun Dhevabhaktuni in Palo Alto, CA. Before founding ZenMaid, Amar ran his maid services and worked as a tech sales professional, helping different SaaS businesses acquire customers. Today, Amar is considered as a leader in the cleaning space

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Amar Ghose talk about his business, ZenMaid, and the problem they solve for their customers 
  • Why Amar chose the maid cleaning services niche for his SaaS company
  • Amar talks about his idea validation process, how he funded and launched the ZenMaid MVP, and found their first beta testers 
  • Amar talks about how ZenMaid got its first $10000 MRR
  • The role of partnerships in marketing your SaaS and how to leverage paid advertising for your startup
  • Amar talks about when and how ZenMaid got its software big break 
  • Amar recalls the time Zenmaid lost 34% of its customers and what they did to bounce back
  • Amar discusses using Capterra for paid advertising and utilizing virtual, online, and partnership marketing to grow
  • How Amar is pivoting to control the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on his business

In this episode…

Starting and growing a SaaS business has many twists and turns. Amar Ghose has faced his fair share of those and was able to start and grow ZenMaid from zero to a market leader in the maid cleaning services industry. According to Amar, it all began with the realization that every single maid service on the planet has one thing in common: a schedule. They have to know where they need to be, when they should be there, and what to get done on every job. That’s why Amar Co-founded ZenMaid to provide that solution to maid cleaning services. 

Tune in to this episode of The Big Break Software Podcast with Geordie Wardman as he discusses with Amar Ghose of ZenMaid about how he came up with the idea for ZenMaid, how funded his MVP, the growth strategy he used for his business, and how navigated his way from zero to $30,000 MRR  to reach his software big break.