Service vs. Product Breakdown with Don Bora, 7-Figure Agency Owner

Don Bora is a Co-Founder of Eight Bit Studios, a software development agency helping startups and young companies. He has co-founded or helped start a handful of other companies including Kiwi Internet Group,, MobileMakers, and a few others. Don also co-founded a non-profit company with the goal of placing high school students in tech internships in Chicago. He is also on the board of a non-profit that runs a Boot Camp for Veterans.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Don Bora talks about his company and the work that they do
  • How Don got into software development
  • Don discusses the struggle to find developers and why he started the coding boot camp for veterans
  • How Candor got started and what it does
  • How Don grew his software development agency by 150% in two years
  • The importance of the Agile framework in Don Bora's business
  • Don shares the key metrics he has for choosing clients to work with
  • Don talks about the value behind their services and the expectation it sets for clients
  • The differentiating factor of Eight Bit Studio and what's next for them

In this episode…

Where are you in your SaaS business journey? Are you testing your MVP or are at the development stage and waiting to launch? It doesn't matter which stage you're at, you'll find insights from this week's guest, Don Bora of Eight Bit Studios super helpful.

With over 30 years of CTO level experience, Don has co-founded or helped start a handful of companies including Kiwi Internet Group,, and MobileMakers. He also runs a software development boot camp for military veterans.

In this episode of the Big Break Software Podcast, Geordie Wardman interviews Don Bora about the service versus product breakdown using Don's company, Eight Bit Studios as a case study. Find out how Don grew his software development agency by 150% in two years, his metrics for choosing the clients to work with, and why great service deserves unquestionable value. Exciting right? Stay tuned.