Helping Cryptocurrency Investors with Taxation with Patrick Larsen of Zen Ledger

Patrick Larsen is the Founder of Zen Ledger, the fastest and easiest way for crypto traders or investors to do their US taxes.  Patrick was a Navy helicopter pilot and he did a couple of tours, search and rescue missions. He co-founded Zen Ledger to help cryptocurrency investors and accountants bring together all their transactions and get good financial analysis.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [01:39] Who is Patrick Larsen & what does he do?
  • [03:26] Zen Ledger's SaaS & pricing plans
  • [06:33] Is crypto still non taxable?
  • [09:19] How Patrick got started in crypto
  • [15:34] Zen Ledger's first investors
  • [18:52] How the company found angel investors
  • [31:33] How the company structured its equity at the beginning
  • [33:37] Finding solid legal counsel
  • [38:09] The most stressful times for Patrick
  • [41:12] Raising funds and bootstrapping

In this episode…

For many cryptocurrency traders and investors in the United States, one of the most common pain points they experience is taxation. They need to prepare financial reports, file/report their tax returns to the IRA, consider capital gains from a crypto perspective, and carry out other accounting & tax-related work. 

When Patrick decided to get into crypto & help these traders and investors with their taxation needs, there were very few other players in the market. So he decided to build his team & compete with the others in terms of customer service & software quality. 

In this episode, Geordie Wardman is joined by Patrick Larsen to talk about taxation of cryptocurrencies, funding a startup, and finding angel investors & legal counsel.