Finding the Perfect SaaS Development Company for your SaaS Application

By gswardman May 18, 2020

SaaS (Software as a Service) product development has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few years. The reason it has grown so exponentially is because of the advantages that come with software development and its maintenance. Users have given great feedback to saas development companies on the excellent functionality that sets these products apart from the regular desktop and mobile platform applications.

The SaaS products have great accessibility and users can start their apps on various platforms on the internet by use of only a browser. The data is invariably stored in the cloud, and nobody is bound to use one device, so a user can access data using any device. The user is also not obliged to download anything, meaning the app takes up zero of your precious device space.

The Freelance Nightmare

Finding the right SaaS development company is a tricky affair. As with many technical jobs, many claim to be experts, but can drain your finances, especially as a startup. Freelancer sites such as Upwork have caused enough people grief while looking for developers. There is no way to verify the freelance developers are who they say they are, and most have glowing resumes that lure people in. Months later, the freelancer may decide to up and go, leaving your project in a shambles. This is why you must avoid freelancers and go for an actual company that can be held liable if your project stalls.

SaaS is an excellent choice for startups, as it is much easier for product deployment. The SaaS software runs on a server, meaning your project requirements do not rely on numerous platform configurations and maintenance and updates implementation is fast as well.

SaaS app development is a flexible and sensible solution for companies that want to keep up with the pace of a rapidly developing technological world. This distribution model allows the startups to enter the market much faster, and allows them to deliver the newest features at a reasonable cost and timeline.

Finding the right SaaS Development Company

A SaaS development company is one that offers SaaS app development and bills the client monthly or charges a flat rate for each project. Most SaaS development companies build desktop, mobile and web apps for their clients. If you are hiring a SaaS development company, it is because you are a new entrepreneur or an established company, and have no experience or no time to manage developers. It could also be that you have a pre-existing product in the market and you want to add a SaaS product to what you already have.

Finding the right SaaS development company is dependent on a few things. You need to ensure the company has:

1. A fully Managed Team With Diverse Skills

Ensure that the SaaS Company does not only manage the project developers but also manage the product itself. A company that manages the product as well needs to see it through to its launch, and after. To do this, they need to have varying talent on board other than developers. This includes:

· Product Managers

Project management is more about procedures and processes, while product management is focused on the product itself. A product manager keeps developers in check by giving them deadlines and ensures that the product being built meets the clients’ demands.

· QA testers

Quality assurance testers take care of both automated and manual testing and ensure that all software features are performing as intended in all client environments, including various devices and Operating Systems.

· DevOps Engineers

Cloud infrastructure management is very different from developing, and most SaaS development companies do not offer is as a service. DevOps engineers keep the software secure and fast to access.

2. Flexible and Devoid of Long Contracts

The SaaS Company you contract should offer all the skills you need to create an excellent product. They also need to provide a flexibility that allows you to access the skills you need whenever you need them even long after most of the development work is over and done with. You need to have the luxury of removing and adding resources when you need them.

Ensure the company does not ask you to enter into a long-term contract. You might end up getting stuck with a low-quality development team that you cannot fire because you will be in breach of contract. An excellent team does not need to force you to sign a contract. They know that their clients will keep paying for excellent products that clients will love.

3. Business Leadership

You need technical talent after the development stage, and you need non-technical talent as well. You need to ensure business leadership is one of the talents the company has on board. The development company will assist you in making a lot of decisions during the project’s duration such as:

    • The features you need to prioritize based on customer needs
    • What needs to go into your product and what should not.
    • The best time to launch
    • When you should add features

As much as you may have your own ideas and thoughts towards the above questions, you should be able to trust your development company to guide you on the same. By looking at a SaaS company website, these capabilities might not be apparent. Look at their about page on the founder’s information and you can also look for services they offer that highlight their business acumen such as a service that is designed to reduce risk.

4. Vibrant MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Process

Hundreds of SaaS app development companies would be more than happy to build your app the way you envision it, whether realistic or not. Instead of guiding you on how to reduce the features on your MVP, they become “Yes Men” doing your bidding without question.

MVP developers should know that the product you need to launch and start generating an income should be as minimalistic as possible so that it can become profitable immediately. Most SaaS companies tend to lose money the first year, and a big MVP means that money will be lost for close to two years or longer. If you spend too much adding unnecessary features to your product in the beginning, it will take more time to play catch up.

5. Experienced and Skilled in the Right Languages

When an entrepreneur is ready to hire developers, they already know the language or framework they want the code written in. Ensure the company you settle for has enough expertise in the language you want. If you feel unsure about what language your product should be written in, have a chat with someone in an experienced company to determine which language is best for your product.

6. The Right Balance of Offshoring and On shoring

In developing, offshoring is a smart money-saving technique. If you are getting a raw deal from your SaaS development company, with the company providing you with poorly trained and unskilled developers who have no pride or motivation in their work.

Seek for offshoring, which has quality control and with the developers experienced and their work tested and managed. The right balance of offshoring and on shoring should be at your discretion. You can get trained DevOps engineers and QAs offshore, and product managers and other talents onshore, or vice-versa. There is no formula to offshoring and on shoring, just ensure that you do not compromise on quality while trying to save costs.

How to hire a SaaS Company

Now that you know what to look for in a SaaS development company, what next? These steps improve your chances of hiring a great SaaS company and reduce your chances of ending up with a low-quality product riddled with bugs.

    • Vet the SaaS idea
    • Talk with the target SaaS companies
    • Check if their services and processes are compatible with your needs and vet them as detailed above
    • Begin working on the MVP and base it on customer feedback
    • Communicate with the SaaS Company’s point person and stay updated on all issues regarding project progress.


Both startups and established companies develop SaaS applications for varying reasons. It could be because they have either no time or expertise, or they already have an existing product on the market and want to add a SaaS product to what they already offer.

Software as a service is a huge chunk of the public cloud services market. The global revenue from SaaS companies is projected to hit the $113 billion mark by 2021. It is a largely untapped niche with huge potential, and nobody wants to be left out.

If you are in the market for a SaaS developer, steer away from freelancers, such as the ones found on sites such as Upwork. Instead, look for an established company that has structures in place. With the details we have outlined in this article, you can get an excellent SaaS company to build and steer your product to success. Do not compromise on your product quality while trying to save money; otherwise, it will be an exercise in futility.