NPM React: Definition,Scripts,Redux,Bootstrap,Example and More

By gswardman March 14, 2022


Reactjs is a popular javascript-based UI development language. It is used by many developers.

It is easy to learn since it is a combination of HTML and javascript. Even so, you need to go through the docs to understand it completely. You can also use a tutorial from a trusted source.

It is used for the development of mobile and web applications. You can also use it to create interactive CLI applications.

What is npm in React?

The term npm is an abbreviation for the node package manager. It is an online directory that contains external packages you need to build your React project.

What is npm in React?

Do you need npm for React?

When working with React, you don’t need Node or npm. If you are building a frontend project with React, you will not need npm. React is mostly used for frontend projects.

However, if you use React for the backend of your project, you will have to use npm. When you install npm in your React project, Node modules make your application easy to compile.

Why does React use npm?

Why does React use npm?

First, React is a Javascript library. It is mostly used for frontend projects but it can also be used for server-side projects. Most javascript development libraries need npm. It eases the development process and is easily downloaded and integrated to React projects.

Second, React projects use npm as it provides a range of packages that you may need for your project. NPM makes it easy to install the packages in the project.

NPM also comes with dependency managers to ease the coding and compiling process of React projects.

Babel, the automatic compiler for React applications also works with JSX to compress and prepare a React project for production. These are node tools that you get by installing npm in your React projects.

How is npm different from the node?

Npm and Node are different from each other. Many developers use the terms interchangeably.

Node.js is a JavaScript framework for server environments. Developers started using it to create applications for local automation. Consequently, there are many Node-based tools that developers can use in their projects.

NPM makes it possible for developers to download and install these tools as packages for the projects. NPM allows you to search for and download the packages and modules you need for your projects. It also provides the capability to interact with the tools you download.

What does npm do for React?

NPM ensures that the developer has access to third-party modules and packages that they need for their project. With npm, the developer can find these modules and packages and download and install them into their project easily.

If any dependency conflicts occur in the project, npm will handle and clean them. With the latest version of npm on your device, it will be easy to manage these dependencies conflicts.

With npm, you can install what you need in your React project any time you need it without conflict. Thus, you have manageable code at all stages of your development process.


The command create-react-app allows you to start a new React project. The command installs all the needed React dependencies such as Webpack and Babel for the optimal React development environment. It also optimizes your app for production.

As soon as you have started the React app, use the npm init command to download any React preset dependencies that didn’t download in the beginning.



Typescript is an open-source object-oriented programming language. It is a superset of JavaScript and compiles to plain JavaScript.

Typescript applications can be executed on any browser, operating system, or host. ES6 is the latest version of Typescript. Typescript needs a compiler to run the code and generate it in JavaScript for the application to display on the browser.

npm react-dom

Why is react so fast?

React-dom is a npm package that you can find and must install on your React project for it to work with the DOM.

DOM means Document Object Model. It is a visual representation of the structure of your project. Thus, other programs can easily interact with the specific page of your project they are on. The different parts of your project are represented as nodes and modules on the DOM.

So, you need to download the react-dom package from npm whenever you are working on a React project. It connects React and the DOM. Consequently, it makes it possible to build your application and make it visible to other programs and the internet.

React-dom is only used with web applications as React is also used to develop mobile applications.

npm react install

When working on a react project, you must install react in your device. To install react, you will use the command npm react install.

First, create the folder that will hold your React project. To create a React development environment, you will have to install the latest version of React and the React DOM.

npm react-scripts

In programming, a script is a set of instructions from one program to another. React has four main scripts that activate as soon as you install them on your device. The scripts can be found in the package.json file.

This is what you will see as the default React scripts in the pacakage.json file of your project.

“scripts”: {

“start”: “react-scripts start”,

“build”: “react-scripts build”,

“test”: “react-scripts test”,

“eject”: “react-scripts eject”


The start script allows you to start the localhost server of your React project and provide errors that may cause the server not to open. npm start is the command to open the server to view the progress in your React project.

The build script bundles the separate files in your project and enhances the performance of your program. npm run build is the command you use to start the build script.

The test script helps you to test your React application. You can activate this script with the command npm test.

The eject script removes the build dependency of your React project. Do not use this script unless you have finished your project already. You can only use it once in a React project. To run this script type npm run eject.

npm react-redux

Redux is a state management tool for React applications. React Redux allows your React application to access a Redux store to read and update the state of the application.

Redux ensures that your React applications’ user interfaces are the same on the client, server, and native environments. It also ensures that the applications are easy to test.

npm react-native

React Native is a framework for building mobile applications. It uses React and consists of numerous inbuilt components and APIs.

Use the command npm react-native to set up the React Native development environment to create mobile applications.

npm react-bootstrap

npm react-bootstrap is a command that allows you to install bootstrap to your React projects. You must also install bootstrap in the project to provide CSS files that are not available in react-bootstrap as it doesn’t have a specific version of bootstrap to rely on.

Bootstrap enhances the user interface of your React projects. It makes it easy for you to develop an easy-to-use and visually appealing application.

npm react-router-dom

The React router DOM ensures that your React components can connect easily. The React router DOM must be added manually as it is not part of the dependencies that download when you create the React development environment.

Enter the npm i react-router-dom command to install it.

Example npm react app

Example npm react app

You can create any type of web application with React. You can also use React Native to create mobile applications.

For a React web application, you will start by creating a folder on your device to hold the React app.

To start enter the command npm react app to create the environment for developing a React application.

You will then download all other dependencies you may require from for your application.

On your GitHub repo of the project, remember to indicate in the readme that it is a React app. Provide details for how to work with the React application.

With React, you can create applications such as an e-commerce store, analytics dashboards, and enterprise solutions.


React is a popular JavaScript framework and has been used in many web applications that we use today. It has numerous features that make it more flexible and scalable. Hire a React Developer today to build your easy-to-use web or mobile application.